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8 Unique Gifts for Pet Lovers

Help cut the guess-work out of holiday shopping with these fun, one-of-a-kind gifts for pet lovers.

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Your holiday shopping is running full steam ahead, and making sure you have the perfect gift for that cat or dog lover is the first thing on your mind. We’ve scoured the isles, been to the trade shows, and tracked down the latest, greatest and most innovative gifts that are sure to put a smile on any animal fan’s face.

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Loyal Luxe Faux-Bearskin Rug

Pictured: Let your cat lover’s feline (or small pup) recline in class, and try out these Canadian-made, double-sided faux-bearskin rugs from Loyal Luxe. They’re sure to keep Fluffy warm, and add a touch of old-fashioned rustic Canadian décor to any pet owner’s living room.

Price: $30
Available: In-stores and online at

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Bosco and Roxy’s Dog Treats

Based out of London, Ont., and available at stores across Canada, Bosco and Roxy’s have perfected the art of doggy delectables. These treats include hand-cut and decorated baked goods, doggy “frozen yogrrz” and our personal fave, “fetch fries” (a healthy hand-baked treat that comes in an old-fashioned fry box, complete with dog toy). Best of all, Bosco and Roxy’s treats use only natural ingredients, and can even by eaten by humans (the baked goods are primarily peanut butter based.) Why not let poochie get in on the holiday snacking?

Price: $2-4
Available: Pet stores across Canada

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The Hydrant Dog Collars

We spotted these at November’s Woofstock, and if you’re looking to give a one-of-a-kind look, this is the way to go. Custom-made by a Canadian designer, dog-tested and totally unique, these fancy dog collars come in a wide range of designer fabrics guaranteed to make your pup the most stylish pooch on the block.

Price: $30 USD
Available: Online at

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Honeysuckle Mice

If the object or your affection’s feline has become used to the thrilling highs of catnip, maybe it’s time to get them onto the latest and greatest trend. Ever heard of honeysuckle? It’s a plant that shares many of the same characteristics of catnip, but may just entice any jaded kitty to give up the ‘nip once and for all. Best Health web-editor Melissa Greer took home a honeysuckle mouse from Toronto’s trendy myPet Boutique for her cats, and said, “It’s the most engaged I’ve ever seen them with a toy. One of them even skipped her dinner just to keep playing.”

Price: $5
Available: call myPet Boutique for order information

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Sadie & Mitz Pet Products

Why not get your pet lover’s furry companion looking like a million bucks? Canada’s own Sadie & Mitz offers pet soaps and shampoos that would be right at home in a fancy hair salon, complete with a line of doggy nail polish, aroma therapy and paw balm. What makes these products special is their wide range of options: For sensitive felines there is a vegan, sulfate-free natural shampoo, and for dogs there are designer fragrance shampoos. Feeling extra fancy? Try their doggy glitter gel or paw polish. All products are paraben and sulfate-free, and use human-grade quality ingredients.

Price: $8-20
Available: In-stores and online at

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Hartz Angry Birds Plush Ball

What’s that you say? A level from the uber-popular iPhone game Angry Birds has your stumped? Give the gift of sweet relief with with these trendy new doggy plush toys (a cat toy line is also available). Complete with built-in sounds and an adorably angry resemblance to their digital counterparts, these toys should add a little high-tech flair to any pup’s playtime.

Price: $20
Available: In-stores and online at

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Retro Glass Ornaments

A throwback to Christmas décor’s past, these hilariously unique glass ornaments come courtesy of Toronto’s myPet Boutique. Available in a wide range of dog and cat designs, colours and breeds, chances are you will be able to find a special ornament to suit any pet lover’s taste.

Price: $16-28
Available: Call myPet Boutique for orders

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Custom Pet Portrait

Looking to really treat that pet lover in your life to some luxury? Consider custom pet portraits. While many specialty pet stores have their own portrait services, we found Jason KB Photo, based out of Toronto, Ont., to be the classiest. They offer customers a home consultation service, a professional two-hour pet portrait session, and a refreshment stocked ordering appointment. The portraits are to die for, so why not go that extra mile to immortalize your furry companion?

Price: $485-2505