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5 iPhone Apps for Pet Lovers

Your cuddly cat or happy dog can sometimes be a real handful, but caring for them shouldn’t be a hassle. Here are some fun and handy mobile apps to streamline tending to your pets, leaving you more time to simply love them.

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Pet First Aid

What do you do if your cat gets poisoned or your dog refuses to wear its muzzle? You can look up the answers in Pet First Aid, an app loaded with articles, illustrations, and videos on pet injuries, illnesses, and other problems. You can also learn about disaster preparedness and what vital rates -such as pulse and temperature-are normal for your pets. The best part? All of the information is stored in the app so it can be accessed if you’re stranded without a signal.

In addition, Pet First Aid includes many of the features found in Paw Card. You can store your pets’ medical details and keep track of appointments, medications, and more. You can even make journal entries, write notes, and track and graph your pets’ weight.

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When buying a new plant for your house or yard, you’ll want to ensure that it won’t be a danger to your furry friends. PetSafe offers a searchable database of plants known to be toxic to cats, dogs, and horses. Each plant is identified by a large image, its scientific, common, and alternate names, and is accompanied by a list of symptoms that may appear if ingested.

As always, if you think that your pet has eaten a toxic plant, be sure to contact your local vet or emergency clinic immediately.

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Keep reading for more great pet iPhone apps.

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Pet Phone

It is difficult to keep track of all of your pets’ information and their appointments. Pet Phone is a clean, user-friendly app that offers tracking and storage for multiple pets, including everything from general information-such as microchip number and date of birth-to vaccinations and medications. The app’s best feature is its weight tracking and graphing, which allows you to set goals for your pets if they are over or underweight. Pet Phone also has a handy backup and restore utility so that you’ll never lose your information.

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Try as you may, shaking toys and cooing nicknames rarely capture a pet’s gaze long enough to get a good photo. PetSnap is a camera application that allows you to play sound as you photograph in hopes of holding your pet’s attention. There are 32 sounds to choose from, including: cat and dog chatter, like hungry cat meows and happy dog barks; and background noises like paper being torn. PetSnap also allows you to zoom in for close-up shots, select resolution size, and choose from seven stylish frames. If you want to edit a photo from your camera roll, it can be opened directly in the app. Once you’re ready to share, you can email photos or upload to Facebook.

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Pet Playpen

If you don’t own an animal or are away from your beloved, get your animal fix through Pet Playpen, a game in which you can adopt up to 3 virtual pets. You have 6 adorable animals to choose from: dog, cat, penguin, bunny, rock (yes, rock), or pig. You must interact with all of your pets and monitor their health, happiness, and basic needs to earn achievements. Pet Playpen also includes 5 mini games – such as Frisbee Fetch, Slots, and Sledding – through which you earn money to buy pet supplies. The more you do with your pets, the more you improve your stats as a trainer and get rewarded.

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