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10 Dogs Chilling in Summer

It’s the dog days of summer! Check out pictures of 10 pooches that know how to relax and make the most of the sunny weather.

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Dog on the beach.

Check out how these hot dogs stay cool and chill out during the summer.

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Zack at 6 months … a pretty cool dude! Loves kids and other dogs, and riding in the convertible with his “doggles” on.
Submitted by: George and Nicki, Windsor, ON

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Taz loves to be around the water, and if we are planning a boat ride, she must wear her life jacket.
Submitted by: Leslie

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Golden retriever puppy Darla takes a rest in the tall grass.
Submitted by: Caitlyn, St. Thomas, ON


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Harley loves being pushed on the swings
Submitted by: Darlene, Burlington, ON

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Jaytee cruising in a toy car.
Submitted by: Jab, Etobicoke, ON

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Sunning after a dip!
Submitted By: Cheryl, Mississauga, ON

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Labs in the Water

Our labs love the water-and love running off the dock and “flying” for the stick. Too much fun in the summer!
Submitted by: Sharon, Edmonton, AB

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Bandit and Shadow

Bandit (standing) out with his girlfriend Shadow (sitting), enjoying some time together on a bench.
Submitted by: Linda

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Swimming Dog

Our Portuguese Water Dog on the boat, doing her favourite activities-swimming all day and hanging out.
Submitted by: Nancy