Top 10 Finds in the 2018 IKEA Catalogue

The IKEA 2018 Catalogue is hot off the press and on its way to nearly 7-million homes across Canada. We’re offering a sneak peek with our favourite new additions to the design giant’s legendary high-style, low-cost lineup.

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Strandmon wing back chair, IKEA
Photo: IKEA

1. Strandmon wing chair

Okay, so there’s nothing all that “new” about IKEA’s handsome Strandmon wing chair. It’s based on a vintage IKEA furniture design from 1951, and was resurrected (with a few 21st-century design tweaks) for the IKEA catalogue launch five years ago. What *is* new, however, is the price tag: At a mere $299, it’s $50 cheaper than it was previously. Start the car!
Strandmon wing chair, $299, IKEA

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Begavning glass dome, IKEA
Photo: IKEA

2. Begavning glass dome

Got a small collectible or curio that simply isn’t getting the attention it deserves? Put a cloche on it! IKEA’s new Begavning glass dome is an elegant way to showcase a one-of-a-kind object, whether it’s a single stem cut from your garden, or your wee one’s latest Lego masterpiece.
Begavning glass dome, $15, IKEA

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Tuvalie cotton throw, IKEA
Photo: IKEA

3. Tuvalie throw

Want to reinvent your sofa on a shoestring budget? With its timeless ticking stripe, this 100 per cent cotton throw is the next best thing to new upholstery. (And at $15 a pop, you might as well get one for the ottoman, the end of your bed, that armchair at the cottage…)
Tuvalie throw, $15, IKEA

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Parlband tealight holder, IKEA
Photo: IKEA

4. Parlband tealight holder

Love the look of caged pendant light fixtures, but not ready to commit? At just $8, IKEA’s new Parlband tealight holder is the perfect way to add a shot of industrial chic—without breaking the bank.
Parlband tealight holder, $8, IKEA.

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Tillagd matte black flatware, IKEA
Photo: IKEA

5. Tillagd matte black flatware

If you haven’t yet jumped on the matte black bandwagon, IKEA’s new Tillagd flatware might just persuade you to bring this hot trend home. Although it looks like a million bucks, it’ll set you back just $60 for a full 20-piece set—and it’s dishwasher-safe, to boot!
Tillagd flatware set, $60, IKEA

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Storhet champagne coupes, IKEA
Photo: IKEA

6. Storhet champagne coupes

Wine snobs will argue that flutes are the only way to drink champagne, but designers know that coupes look infinitely classier. Channel the elegance of a 50s cocktail party by adding these budget-savvy stems to your home bar.
Storhet champagne coupes, $3 each, IKEA

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Tvilling tropical foliage prints, IKEA
Photo: IKEA

7. Tvilling tropical foliage prints

Flip through the pages of any modern decorating magazine, and you’re sure to spy at least one room papered in a banana-leaf print made popular by the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel. You can get that luxe look for a fraction of the cost of wallpapering with these tropical foliage posters, which would make a bold style statement if framed and hung as a pair over over a front hall console.
Tvilling posters (set of two), $18, IKEA

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Fubbla wall lamp, IKEA
Photo: IKEA

8. Fubbla wall lamp

The surface of your nightstand is prime real estate, so why not free up space by swapping out the table lamp for a wall-mounted sconce? With its sleek, minimalist design, you’ll barely even notice this new wall lamp is there until it’s switched on.
Fubbla wall lamp, $35, IKEA

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Vimle modular sofa, IKEA
Photo: IKEA

9. Vimle modular sofa

These days, it’s hard to know where you’re going to be living in five years, let alone 15. That’s why we love the new Vimle modular sofa. With its infinite configurations, you can customize it to suit the floorplan of your current living space, whether it’s a sprawling rec room, or the tiniest studio apartment. What’s more, a clever bracketing system means that the various sections won’t slide apart when you sink into the cushy upholstery.
Vimle one-seat section in Gunnared medium gray $219, IKEA

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IKEA luggage
Photo: IKEA

10. IKEA luggage

Considering the Swedish juggernaut has already conquered everything from furniture to home textiles to toys, why not luggage, as well? What gives IKEA’s new Starttid carry-on bag a leg-up on its competition is the fact that it folds flat for storage. Genius!
Starttid carry-on bag with wheels, $20, IKEA

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