The 10 Most Popular Paint Colours in Canada

Overwhelmed by the wall of paint chips at the hardware store? Why not take some colour cues from your neighbours! Here are CIL’s 10 most popular paint colours on the Canadian market.

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Living room in CIL's Cappuccino White
Photo: CIL

CIL’s 10 Most Popular Paint Colours in Canada

It’s not surprising to learn that neutral colours (like CIL’s creamy Cappuccino White, shown here), make up the majority of paint sales in Canada. What is surprising, however, is finding out exactly which of those “goes-with-everything” whites, greys, creams and beiges pop up the most frequently in homes from coast to coast. We asked the experts at CIL to share their top 10 most popular paint colours in Canada.

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CIL Antique White
Photo: CIL

1. Antique White

One of the most common decorating mistakes people make is assuming that there’s only one white. Between ivory, eggshell, bone and linen, whites are, in fact, incredibly complicated, and vary hugely in terms of undertone and tint. Antique White (40YY 83/043 WN03)-CIL’s number one selling paint colour-is a cozy, creamy white with a slight pinkish undertone. The perfect way to add some light and warmth to a room with northern exposure and little direct sunlight.

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Candlelight Yellow home office
Photo: CIL

2. Candlelight Yellow

Canadians apparently love yellow-or at least the mellow pastel tone of CIL’s Candlelight Yellow (67YY 87/169 Y16). This soft, buttery hue likely owes its popularity to the fact that it’s the perfect paint colour for a nursery.

Fun fact: Atlantic Canada has a soft spot for pastels like Candlelight Yellow. According to a CIL study of Canadians’ painting habits, residents of the Atlantic provinces were more likely to find pastels “more livable” than neutrals.

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CIL Classic Burgundy
Photo: CIL

3. Classic Burgundy

Not for the feint of heart, CIL’s Classic Burgundy (09YR 05/305 R52) is a super-saturated hue that’s apparently struck a chord with Canadians coast to coast. The dark and dramatic paint colour would be ideally suited for a dining room, or any slightly formal space that’s often dressed to impress.

Fun fact: Compared to the rest of Canada, Manitobans tend to be cautious when it comes to bold colour. In a study of Canadian painting habits conducted by CIL, 75 per cent of the province’s respondents equated “neutrals with attractive, easy-to-live-with decor.”

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Photo: CIL

4. Marshmallow White

Much cleaner than the creamy Antique White, Marshmallow White (30YY 83/012 WN22) has a distinctly contemporary edge. Paired with distressed grey-washed wood floors and glam gold accents, this goes-with-everything white is the perfect “whole-home” neutral.

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CIL Pebble Grey
Photo: CIL

5. Pebble Grey

Love the chic simplicity of Swedish design? The cool, sophisticated Pebble Grey (00NN 53/000 CN61) provides the perfect backdrop. It would also be a gorgeous complement to grey-veined Carrara marble countertops in a kitchen or bathroom.

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CIL Mushroom Cap
Photo: CIL

6. Mushroom Cap

Pale grey might be the “it” colour on the neutrals scene, but beige still has a solid fan base in Canada. Need proof? The warm, buff Mushroom Cap (20YY 55/151 WN19) is one of the 10 most frequently requested paint colours in the CIL paint deck.

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CIL Royal Navy
Photo: CIL

7. Royal Navy

Feeling nautical? So are your neighbours! Royal Navy (50BB 10/112 V39) is one of the most popular paint colours in Canada, and it’s easy to see why. The deep, dark and supremely dignified hue would make for a dramatic focal wall, particularly in a bedroom. Add a few beachy accessories-a rope-wrapped table lamp base here, a striped duvet cover there-for a truly see-worthy space.

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CIL Scroll Beige
Photo: CIL

8. Scroll Beige

More muted than Mushroom Cap, Scroll Grey (20YY 43/083 WN37) is a happy medium between grey and beige. A best-of-both-worlds compromise if you and your partner can’t agree on either as your base neutral, perhaps? It’s certainly a popular option across Canada, according to CIL.

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CIL Thai Teal
Photo: CIL

9. Thai Teal

Looking to make a major style statement? Paint a focal wall in Thai Teal (53GG 50/360 B01). This brilliant beach glass hue is certainly no wallflower, and packs a big punch in an otherwise neutral space.

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CIL Universal Grey
Photo: CIL

10. Universal Grey

A shade lighter than Pebble Grey, Universal Grey (00NN 62/000 CN61) is aptly named, as it’s hard to imagine a colour scheme that wouldn’t benefit from this calming neutral. The perfect hue for homeowners who worry that bright white walls will be too high-maintenance.

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