Decorating for Newlyweds

You’ve finally tied the knot and now it’s time to share everything with him… including decorating your new home. These tips will help you to bring your unique styles together and get the job done.

Decorating for Newlyweds

So, you said, “I do” but now all you hear is “I don’t.” Congratulations, you recently got married. Now that the two of you have settled into married life, it’s time to focus on your home–your home together, that is. Did you talk about your decorating styles and preferences before you got married?

Know Your Styles

No matter how much love there is between the two of you, you still may not agree or have the same tastes when it comes to decorating a home. In fact, many couples who have been married for years still can’t agree on how to decorate their home.

You both need to know your style preferences and lifestyle needs. Are you an organizational freak? Is he rather casual and needs a coffee table that he can rest his feet on? If your favourite color is blue, what’s hers? Do you like to do office work well into the wee hours of the morning? Does she like to read in bed? The answers to all these questions are important for any decorating project. Both of you need to spend some time answering these questions.

  • Look through design and decorating magazines.
  • Tear out photos of interiors that you like, then make two piles – his and yours.     
  • There should be no comments at this point – you are free to rip out and save any picture you like, so bite your tongue if your partner chooses something that ruffles your feathers.
  • It may only be torn for the paint color or for a candlestick on a mantel, but tear out the page and make a note of what you liked with a felt pen.

Hire an Interior Designer

  • One of the best investments the two of you can make is to hire an interior designer – even if you just hire him or her for an hour or two to help you make some final decorating decisions and to act as a home fashion mediator.
  • The objectivity and professional insight of a designer can help marry two opposing decorating styles.
  • Married designers may be your best choice, as they can relate to the challenges of decorating for two.
  • Designers most often work on an hourly fee basis, and fees generally run between $50 and $250 per hour. It’s a small investment that will pay large dividends in the end. Also, a designer will not be unnerved by your budget – even designers    have budgets, and no budget is too small.
  • A good designer will save you time and money by steering you away from costly mistakes and saving you days of legwork.
  • Try a local Interior Designer from casaGURU. All of them are licensed, insured and homeowner rated.
  • Share Your Decorating Ideas with the Designer
  • The more information you can provide the designer, the quicker and more accurately he or she will be able to help you with your decorating plans for the home.
  • This is when you pull out that pile of photos you both ripped out of the decorating magazines.
  • The entire plan and inspiration for a room usually revolves around an area carpet, fabric swatch or a piece of artwork that you both agree on (this is the key element – you both need to love it).
  • Don’t start with a paint color. Paint is your least expensive and most versatile decorating tool. The paint store will be able to mix and match any shade of color you desire. I have often seen couples paint a room a wonderful shade only to discover that they cannot find any drapery fabric or furnishings to match with their paint.

His & Her Colours

  • Girls, remember that the only color your guy will object to is pink.
  • If pink is your favourite color call it subtle raspberry (anything other than pink – this is colour psychology at work) and balance the feminine shade with masculine hues such as mocha (pinks and browns paired together are one of my favourite combinations).
  • Remember, if you get pink in the bedroom it’s only fair that he gets his favourite shade of “Packers” green or “Redskin” red in the family room.


  • Expensive pieces of furniture such as the sofa should be purchased in a neutral fabric or leather.
  • Larger furniture pieces and occasional items that we cannot afford to change often should be purchased with neutral coloring and textiles. Neutrals will give you creative freedom and versatility for years to come.
  • A neutral palette does not necessarily mean a light color. A neutral is a shade of color that works with all others – taupe, black, gray, charcoal, or a rich cream.
  • All pieces need not match – it’s too easy to run out to the furniture store and purchase a complete living-room set, including the matching end tables.
  • In fact, it is much more creative to mix and match your treasured finds, family heirlooms and new acquisitions.
  • You may even decide to forgo the dining room and dedicate this room to his game of pool (after all, you could always cover the table with a sheet of plywood and a fancy tablecloth if you need to serve a formal dinner there). This is a sure way to make your home unique to the two of you.

Accessorizing for Two

  • Accessories are the room’s jewellery – they take the room from good to great while adding your personality to a space.
  • One of the most important assets to have when decorating is a sense of humour. Bring a giggle and a favourite memory to every space.
  • Amongst the standard candles and knickknacks you place in the room, be sure to include some favourite photos of the two of you.
  • Display unique items that share with all who visit some insight into your personalities – perhaps the game ball he caught last  year, or an antique frame you found while shopping in Vermont on a ski trip.

Decorating is not a two-month project, but rather a lifelong commitment to making a happy, loving home for you both. Hence, we need to share in the responsibility and the joy that turning a house into a home can bring to our lives.




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