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7 Tips for Holiday Decorating

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way… it’s holiday time again! And this year, you’ve got plans to be the “hostess with the mostess,” which includes making your home look holiday fabulous. Find out how to dress up your place for the season and impress your guests without breaking the bank.

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Decorate your home this holiday season with simple yet stylish touches.

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1. Keep the Theme Simple

Interior decorator Deb Nelson recommends selecting “…one strong accent colour that you’re going to weave through your whole house.” Nelson especially loves red for the holidays because it’s a classic holiday colour.

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2. Use What You Have

Haul out every suitable bowl, vase and basket from your cupboard to use as containers for decorative items such as oranges or flowers. You can also give old decorations a new look if you put together items in a different way.

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3. Shop at the Dollar Store

Here, you can buy ribbons, containers, coasters, candles and more at a low cost. Since you’re purchasing inexpensive items, you can buy a few of the same items and use them in repetition for a design statement. For example, Nelson bought white pillar candles and mirrored coasters at the dollar store and placed them down her table. The mirrored coasters added extra sparkle to the look. 

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4. Buy Holiday Decorations at a Discount

Shop for holiday decorations in the middle of the summer when there isn’t demand for them and prices are less expensive. You can also hit the Boxing Day sales, but Nelson says the good items go quickly, so don’t hesitate to buy if you see something you like. For even more savings, buy in bulk at a big-box store (such as 100 gift tags) and split the items with other family members.  

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5. Bring the Outside In

Go for a walk outside with your family and pick up pinecones, tree boughs, even branches. “You can pile up pinecones in a clear cylinder vase for a centerpiece and decorate the mantel with boughs,” Nelson says.

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6. Incorporate Scent as Well

Create a festive feeling by infusing your home with scent. You can purchase a home fragrance oil and burn it in little oil burners, or make the scent yourself. Simply put some cinnamon sticks and cloves on your stove on a low boil and the house starts to smell like you’re cooking up mulled wine.

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7. Trade with Friends

Exchange Christmas tree ornaments or Hanukkah dreidels with friends to get a fresh supply. Have a party and ask 20 friends to bring six tree ornaments or dreidels and then you can all choose six new items.