5 Valentine’s Day Gifts to Enjoy Together

Finding just the right present for your special someone on February 14 can be a challenge. Here are five gifts that are meant to be enjoyed together. What could possibly be better than spending quality time with the one you love?

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Chocolate macarons
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Valentine’s Day Gifts: Make Homemade Sweets

If your partner has a sweet tooth, bake them a batch of their favourite cookies or a heart-shaped cake decorated with icing. For a fancier treat, make chocolate-dipped strawberries and serve with a couple of glasses of champagne, or your partner’s favourite flavour of macarons.

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Breakfast in bed
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Valentine’s Day Gifts: Serve Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed is a relaxing and luxurious way to start the day with your significant other. Whip up some pancakes, your signature omelette or French toast, and place on a serving tray along with coffee, orange juice or coffee, and the morning paper. Voilà!

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Couple in a spa
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Valentine’s Day Gifts: Get a Couples’ Massage

This is a gift that’s guaranteed to make both of you feel totally relaxed. Book a professional massage treatment at a spa for you and your honey so the two of you can unwind and enjoy one another’s company in a tranquil setting. It’s worth every penny!

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Photo album
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Valentine’s Day Gifts: Make a Photo Scrapbook

Your sweetie will certainly be touched by the time and effort you spend putting together this gift of preserving the special moments of your relationship. To get started, visit an online photofinishing site. Most sites allow you to build your photo book from scratch so that you’re able to select the number of photos and pages you’d like to include, as well as choose various layouts and template designs, and add personalized captions.

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Couple cooking together
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Valentine’s Day Gifts: Take a Couples’ Cooking Class

The couple that sautés together, stays together. Sign up for a culinary class, and learn to prepare a special meal à deux. And if either of you turns out to be a great chef, that means more home-cooked meals! Love is bound to be in the air with this romantic hands-on activity…or is that marinated lamb chops we smell?

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