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5 Secrets to a More Comfortable Flight

There’s only one way to really enjoy flying: buy your own plane. But since most of us won’t be able to do that any time soon, find out how you can make your next plane ride more enjoyable with these health-boosting tips.

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1. Walk Around and Stretch Between Meals

Do the following exercises at least once every hour during your next flight:
– Standing in the aisle, stretch your calves by taking a large step back with one leg and reaching into the floor with your back heel.
– Also while standing, stretch your torso and back by twisting gently from side to side.
– Then, when seated, stretch your arms, shoulders and upper back by extending one arm overhead, bending it and placing your palm against your shoulder blade. You can use your other arm to increase the stretch.

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2. Pack Three Camomile Tea Bags in Your Hand Luggage

When the flight attendant comes around for drinks, ask for a cup of hot water and dunk your in your tea bag. The herbal tea with soothe any travel jitters and relax you enough to get some sleep on the plane, ensuring your arrive refreshed.

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3. Avoid Sitting With Your Legs Crossed

Instead, prop up your feet on a carry-on bag to make yourself more comfortable.

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4. Bring Healthy Snacks On Board

Even if you will be on a short flight, always pack a few healthy snacks in your hand luggage. Fewer and fewer airlines serve any snacks these days and unexpected delays could send your blood sugar plummeting.

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5. Keep Your Shoes On

Resist the temptation to remove your shoes during the flight. You’ll end up with swollen feet due to the low air pressure in the cabin, and your shoes will be uncomfortable when you have to put them back on.