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3 Things Moms-to-Be Should Avoid

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman’s life, but it’s also a time to take extra-special care of yourself-for both your own benefit and that of your future child. Click through for 3 things that you should avoid if you’re expecting.

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Don’t use old wives’ tales as a guide to your lifestyle during pregnancy. Professor Tatyana Nazarenko from the National Maternity Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences has this advice for a mother-to-be:

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Q: Should pregnant women take headache tablets?

A: Not without a doctor’s permission. The reason for the headache must be established; it may be caused by toxicosis, or by vacillation of blood-pressure (a rise in blood pressure is especially dangerous). Only a doctor can assess the problem overall, and give relevant advice.

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Q: Should pregnant women tan artificially?

A: Not recommended. Pregnant women are highly sensitive to UV rays, and exposure may cause skin pigmentation. Self-tanning aids should also be avoided – you don’t need unnecessary chemicals at this time.

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Q: Should pregnant women work at computers?

A: Not for more than two hours. The danger is not in the computer itself, but in lengthy sitting, which causes backaches, swollen legs, impeded blood circulation in the lower pelvis, and may even impede the nourishment of the embryo. Take half-hour breaks-get up and move around.