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Become a Better Swimmer at Any Age

Afraid of swimming? Small children aren’t the only ones to sometimes fear water. Adults can too. Read on to learn how you can become a better swimmer at any stage of your life.

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1. Take Swimming Lessons

You may think swimming lessons are just for children, but many community centres offer courses specific to adults. According to Kat Tancock, senior web editor for Best Health and Reader’s Digest, private swimming lessons gave her the chance to get more comfortable with water, helping her with a phobia of water she’s had since her teens. A series of breathing exercises with an instructor taught her to feel more in control while she swims, making it much easier for her to get into the water and enjoy it.

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2. Think Safety First

If you’re interested in learning how to swim, the Canadian Red Cross recommends familiarizing yourself with the dangers of breaking the rules at public pools or beaches. The safety rules outlined are as important for adults to follow as children. Be sure you abide by all safety guidelines to ensure a secure and pleasant swim. For example, do not dive into the pool where signs indicate otherwise.

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3. Avoid Practising with Family Members or Friends

If you have a fear of swimming, Tancock recommends taking your swimming lessons with a stranger, an objective third party. Practising with close friends or relatives can make the process more stressful and make the task that much more challenging and emotional for you.

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4. See a Therapist

While some trepidation about water or drowning is normal and even healthy, other fears are unfounded and prevent us from moving forward. If you’re looking to learn how to swim, but have a deep fear of it, consider meeting with a therapist to discuss the reasons why water scares you so much. There is no shame in having a fear of swimming, and it’s more common that you might think. Admitting it and seeking help are the first steps to conquering that fear.