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What’s Your Cupcake Personality?

Chocolate, red velvet, vanilla – what’s your cupcake of choice? Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis of the TLC series DC Cupcakes have discovered that these tiny treats can offer a lighthearted glimpse into personality type. Find out what your favourite says about you.

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Cupcake Personality: Vanilla Squared

Your cupcake personality: Traditional

The analysis: “This cupcake is for those who want something sweet but don’t want to get too crazy,” Sophie says. (If you choose chocolate frosting, you’re more open to risk taking.)

(Photo courtesy of Dayna Smith (6))

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Cupcake Personality: Chocolate Squared

Your cupcake personality: Intense

The analysis: “This is for people who are serious and focused,” Katherine says. “The double-chocolate combo is usually preferred by deep thinkers.” (Vanilla frosting lovers are slightly less intense.)


(Photo courtesy of Dayna Smith (6))

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Cupcake Personality: Carrot

Your cupcake personality: Practical

The analysis: “A carrot cake lover makes decisions from a commonsense standpoint,” Sophie says. “Here you’re getting vegetables with your treat.”

(Photo courtesy of Dayna Smith (6))

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Cupcake Personality: Peanut Butter Fudge

Your cupcake personality: Adventurous

The analysis: “Choosing a rich, messy, over-the-top flavor shows you jump into new activities feetfirst,” Sophie says. “There’s no hesitation or worrying.”

(Photo courtesy of Dayna Smith (6))

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Cupcake Personality: Lemon Berry

Your cupcake personality: Spunky

The analysis: “We’ve found that people drawn to bright frostings and flavors tend to embrace life in the most colourful way,” says Katherine. “They’re always fun to be around.”

(Photo courtesy of Dayna Smith (6))

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Cupcake Personality: Red Velvet

Your cupcake personality: Romantic

The analysis: “This is the first choice for anyone in a lovey-dovey mood,” says Katherine. “From the deep red hue to the little heart on top, it’s the one you buy to share with a special someone.”

(Photo courtesy of Dayna Smith (6))

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Cupcake Personality: Mocha

Your cupcake personality: Ambitious

The analysis: “A lot of successful businessmen and women get the mocha,” Katherine says. The lure of caffeine certainly speaks to a go-getter type.

(Photo courtesy of Dayna Smith (6))

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Cupcake Personality: Salted Caramel

Your cupcake personality: Impulsive

The analysis: Torn between salty and sweet? “People will debate, then all of a sudden just go for it,” Katherine explains.

(Photo courtesy of Dayna Smith (6))

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Cupcake Personality: Coconut

Your cupcake personality: Outgoing

The analysis: “Coconut’s definitely for extroverts,” Sophie says. “Probably because it’s such a strong, fun, and festive flavour.”

(Photo courtesy of Dayna Smith (6))