Chances Are, You’ve Been Storing Eggs the Wrong Way Your Whole Life

This is an egg-cellent idea!

One thing is for sure, we’ve learned a ton of helpful kitchen hacks the past few months thanks to TikTok…like how to whisk properly, and the best way to clean burnt pots. Most recently, we learned that there is a right way and a wrong way to store your eggs. Here’s what we discovered.

How to Store Eggs to Keep Them Super-Fresh

Besides focusing on getting a container of eggs home and into the fridge without breaking one, it turns out we should be paying a little more attention to how we’re storing them. According to TikTok user theshilohfarm, there is a right way when it comes to storing eggs in the fridge…and it’s probably not how you’ve been doing it. Eggs should be stored with the pointed end down and the blunt, more rounded side facing up. Why? It will keep the yolk more centred inside the egg and will help your eggs stay fresh longer.

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One follower commented, “Just made me go into my fridge and check every egg in my container!” Same for us.

How Does This Work

Turns out there is an air bubble at the blunt end of every egg. Air and bacteria enter the egg through the blunt end into the air sac located there. By storing eggs blunt end up, the pocket of air stays away from the yolk, which is far more likely to be contaminated by any bacteria that enters the egg than the non-bacteria friendly white. Now you know!

Now that you know how to store eggs, find out the right way to put a garbage bag in the trash can.

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