Too Much Turkey? Make Soup!

This collection of five recipes for savoury soup is a great way to polish off leftover turkey. Keep clicking to get all the recipes.

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Leftover turkey has no finer destination than with these rich recipes.

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Creamy Turkey Soup

This classic recipe is the perfect way to use leftover turkey. You can also substitute chicken if the turkey is all gone.

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Turkey, Broccoli and Corn Soup

Quick and easy, this recipe combines turkey with two of our favourite vegetables. It’s the perfect recipe when you’re in a hurry.

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Thai Turkey Coconut Soup

East meets West in this simple recipe combining turkey with sweet coconut milk and tangy lemon grass. A light and refreshing soup.

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Turkey Chowder

This recipe spices things up with chili and horseradish to create an delicious variation on chowder.

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Chunky Turkey Stew

Turn your leftover turkey into a medley of spices with hot and sweet overtones. It takes less than 45 minutes to create this exotic soup that the whole family will love.

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