How to Tie a Bread Bag—Without a Bread Clip

You don't need that pesky bread clip!

After you’ve finished with the loaf of bread following your morning toast, you probably seal the bag with that handy little plastic bread clip. But what happens if that bread clip goes missing, or (as is often the case after the loaf has been sitting in the freezer for a while) snaps in half?

According to this amazing video from TikTok user @goldilocks.bears.x, all you need to do is twist the open end of your bread bag as normal, but instead of securing the bag at the base of the twist, you’ll open the end back up and shimmy it back over the rest of the unused bread.

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I can’t believe I haven’t been doing this all my life!

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The wonderful thing about this hack is that you no longer need to worry about where you put that little piece of plastic! Watch the full video for more genius tips on how to seal up an opened box of cereal, and and an opened bag of chips. There’s something incredibly satisfying about these do-it-yourself food storage solutions!

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