10 Delicious Pies to Celebrate Pi Day

These top-rated pie recipes from the Taste of Home Test Kitchen are perfect for celebrating Pi Day—or any ordinary day, for that matter!

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Cherry and Chocolate Ice Cream Pie

“We took cherry pie to a whole new level as a frozen treat. With a luscious layer of chocolate fudge inside, this is one impressive pie.” —Scarlett Elrod, Newnan, Georgia

Get the recipe for Cherry and Chocolate Ice Cream Pie.

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Caramel-Pecan Apple Pie

“You’ll love the smell in your kitchen—and the smiles on everybody’s faces—when you make this scrumptious caramel apple pie recipe. It takes me back home to Virginia and being at my granny’s table.” —Jean Castro, Phoenix, Arizona

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Banana Cream Pie

“Made from our farm-fresh dairy products, this pie was a sensational creamy treat any time Mom served it. Her recipe is a real treasure, and I’ve never found one that tastes better!” —Bernice Morris, Marshfield, Missouri

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Easy Fresh Strawberry Pie

“Everything about this dessert makes it the top request for family gatherings. The delightful crust cuts beautifully to reveal a filling with pieces of diced apple. At harvesttime or any time, you cannot beat this delectable apple pie.” —Brenda DuFresne, Midland, Michigan

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Star-Studded Blueberry Pie

“Family and friends say this pie is better than a local favourite from one of our best neighbourhood restaurants. Sometimes, I switch things up and use gooseberries for half of the blueberries.” —Nancy Barker, Silverton, Oregon

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Silky Chocolate Pie

“Chocolate makes the world go round! We have a family that loves chocolate pies, and this version with a splash of brandy is smooth as silk and oh, so special.” —Kathy Hewitt, Cranston, Rhode Island

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Dutch Cranberry-Apple Pie recipe
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Dutch Cranberry-Apple Pie

“Fresh cranberries bring tongue-tingling tartness and colour to classic apple pie. With orange peel, spices and a crumb topping, this is a warm and wintry favourite.” —Jerri Gradert, Lincoln, Nebraska

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Lemon Supreme Pie
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Lemon Supreme Pie

“A friend and I often visit a local restaurant for pie and coffee. When they stopped carrying our favourite lemon supreme pie, I got busy in the kitchen and created this version, which we think tastes even better! The combination of the cream cheese and tart lemon is wonderful.” —Jana Beckman, Wamego, Kansas

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Peanut Butter Cream Pie
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Peanut Butter Cream Pie

“During the warm months, it’s nice to have this fluffy, no-bake peanut butter pie that’s a snap to make. Packed with flavour, this pie gets gobbled up even after a big meal!” —Jesse & Anne Foust, Bluefield, West Virginia

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Winning Rhubarb-Strawberry Pie
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Winning Rhubarb-Strawberry Pie

“While being raised on a farm I often ate rhubarb, so it’s natural for me to use it in a pie. I prefer to use lard for the flaky pie crust and thin, red rhubarb stalks for the filling. These two little secrets helped this recipe win top honours at the 2013 Iowa State Fair.” —Marianne Carlson, Jefferson, Iowa

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