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8 Comforting Soup Recipes

Good for your soul, soup is also good for your body. Prepare any one of these eight healthy and delicious recipes for yourself and your family tonight.

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Country-Style Chicken and Vegetable Soup With Noodles

Root vegetables like carrot and turnip add an earthy flavour to this traditional chicken soup. 

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Black Bean Soup With Green Pepper

Here’s a meatless soup with plenty of protein and fibre. The earthy flavour of black beans, cumin, and coriander is balanced by sour cream and tomato. If you like it spicy, you could add a jalapeño pepper to the green bell pepper.

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Beer Soup With Cheese

This is a zesty soup made with chicken stock, milk, and beer. The cheddar cheese gives it a smooth, sharp flavour and crisp bacon adds a smoky finish. Serve it with a crusty pumpernickel rolls and sweet butter.

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Beef Vegetable Soup

Looking for a soup that can fill you up? Here’s a beefy one, loaded with potatoes, root vegetables, green beans, peas, and tomatoes. It’s a meal on its own and made to feed a crowd.

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Wild Mushroom Soup

Use a mixture of fresh mushrooms, widely available at farmers’ markets and supermarkets, for making this quick, woodsy-tasting soup. Ciabatta bread is available at all Italian markets, but any rustic, crusty peasant bread will do. Parsley and mint add freshness.

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Quick Fish Chowder With Tomato & Fennel

The sweetness of tomato and the flavour of fennel seed give this delicious soup a unique taste. Use a firm white fish such as cod, halibut, or tilapia that won’t fall apart in the hot soup.

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Portuguese Kale Soup With Sausage

The combination of spicy sausage, fresh kale, carrots, and red bell pepper in this soup guarantees a rich flavour and a hearty meal.

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Chestnut Soup With Porcini Mushrooms

This rich, elegant soup is a great way to make good use of the bounty of chestnuts. If you have time, you can roast the nuts yourself and make your own puree instead of using store bought.

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