3 Barbecue Recipes for Dad

Make Father’s Day extra special this year by grilling one of his favourite meals. Don’t worry – we’ve got the secrets to make it easy as pie.

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Wings and Drumsticks in BBQ Sauce

If Dad’s a real fan of the grill, throw on some wings and please his taste buds with this super simple recipe idea.

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Ultimate Moose Burger

With one moose for every four people on the Rock, it’s no surprise this gamey meat is common fare. Chef Katie Hayes, who just opened Bonavista Social Club, on the Bonavista Peninsula, Newfoundland, offers diners the Ultimate Moose Burger: a patty served in an artisanal bun on a bed of spinach with sautéed wild mushrooms, bacon and a tart partridgeberry ketchup. At home, you could substitute any tomato-based ketchup for delicious results.

Photo: Hans Laurendeau/Shootstudio

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Grilled Jamaican Grilled Chicken

If Dad’s got a taste for exotic food, serve up this authentic Caribbean-style chicken this Father’s Day.

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