10 Foods You Should Never Order on a First Date

Heading out to a romantic dinner? Do yourself and your date a favour and don’t order any of these mood-killer meals.

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Don't order a whole lobster on the first date
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Whole lobster or crab

This one is from personal experience. It’s hard to look at someone romantically while they are ripping apart a creature from the bottom of the sea with their bare hands.

Check out the 10 foods even professional chefs cook in the microwave, including lobster!

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Spaghetti and meatballs
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Spaghetti and meatballs

Let’s be honest, the date is not going to turn out like Lady and the Tramp. Instead, it’s more likely to end up like Lady and the Spaghetti Sauce in Her Lap.

From boiling it to slurping it, here’s how to achieve the perfect bowl of pasta every time.

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Juicy thick hamburger
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Hamburgers that are bigger than your mouth

It won’t be pretty to watch.

Check out this Ultimate Moose Burger recipe by Chef Katie Hayes of Newfoundland’s Bonavista Social Club.

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Spicy chili peppers
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Spicy foods

If you need to use your napkin as a sweat rag, the meal is too spicy for a date.

Here are eight Indian spices you should start using in everyday meals.

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Mushroom soup in bowl
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Slurping sounds are not romantic.

These soup recipes will improve your brain health like nothing else!

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Burger King logo
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Dollar Menu

If you’re going to take your date to a fast-food joint, at least make it romantic and super-size it.

Here are 15 menu items you should never order at restaurants.

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Black bean soup
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The more you eat them the more you…enough said.

Try this smoky beef chili with kidney beans recipe from HelloFresh Canada!

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Spinach leaves
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It will end up stuck in your teeth.

Here are eight spring superfoods you definitely need to add to your grocery list.

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Garlic bread with cheese and parsley
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Garlic bread

Unless, of course, your date is eating it as well.

Here are 12 foods you have no clue you’ve been eating all wrong, including garlic!

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Baby back ribs
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Wings and ribs

Any menu item that comes with a Wet Nap should be avoided at all costs.

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