What’s New on Netflix Canada, Amazon Prime Video and Crave: February 2019

We’re counting down the 10 must-see new releases on Netflix Canada, Amazon Prime Video and Crave this month.

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Velvet Buzzsaw
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Velvet Buzzsaw

You’ll like it if you like: Nightcrawler, Nocturnal Animals and American Psycho

Jake Gyllenhaal reunites with Nightcrawler director Dan Gilroy for the new horror film, Velvet Buzzsaw. Set in Los Angeles, Gyllenhaal plays an art critic who spots genius—and potential fame and fortune—in the works of an unknown, recently-deceased painter. When supernatural forces are discovered within the paintings, however, a series of grisly deaths begin to stalk the city’s glitterati. Who ever said a movie about art’s relationship with commerce couldn’t result in popcorn thrills? Toni Collette, Rene Russo and John Malkovich also star. Netflix Canada, February 1.

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Won't You Be My Neighbor?
Photo: Netflix Canada

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

You’ll like it if you like: Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

For three decades, Fred Rogers helped millions of children make sense of the world, and as this documentary by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville points out, his onscreen persona wasn’t much different from his real-life one. Through archival footage and interviews with his wife, sons and former colleagues, Won’t You Be My Neighbor? traces the fascinating life of Mr. Rogers, from his early days as an ordained minister to his later years as an icon of wholesome values. Grab your tissue box: this trip back to the Land of Make-Believe is guaranteed to get the tears flowing! Netflix Canada, February 1.

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Ray Romano: Right Here, Around the Corner
Photo: Netflix Canada

Ray Romano: Right Here, Around the Corner

You’ll like it if you like: Everybody Loves Raymond

Comedian Ray Romano’s first original production for Netflix is also his first stand-up special in 23 years. Performing two sets on the same night—one at Manhattan’s Comedy Cellar and another at the Village Underground (literally around the corner from each other, hence the title)—the television icon advises on choosing friends, surviving marriage and knowing the difference between being old and feeling old. Netflix Canada, February 5.

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One Day at a Time (Season 3)
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One Day at a Time: Season Three

You’ll like it if you like: Modern Family, Full House and All in the Family

Norman Lear’s classic sitcom of the same name is reimagined for the 21st century, this time following three generations of Cuban-Americans living in Los Angeles: divorced military nurse veteran Penelope Alvarez (Justina Machado), her two teenage kids, and her old-school mother, Lydia (Rita Moreno). In true Norman Lear fashion, One Day at a Time explores serious issues like racism, gender identity, depression and PTSD with surprising heart and humour. Netflix Canada, February 8.

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Eric Bana in Dirty John
Photo: Netflix Canada

Dirty John: Season One

You’ll like it if you like: Gone Girl, The Sinner and Big Little Lies

Businesswoman Debra Newell (Connie Britton) begins a relationship with John Meehan (Eric Bana), a handsome man she met online. He’s kind, generous and emotionally available—but he isn’t who he says he is. The seemingly “perfect” man then initiates a cycle of manipulation and abuse that culminates in a shocking murder. Based on a true story and adapted from the hit true crime podcast of the same name, Dirty John may well be perfect binging material for couples planning on spending Valentine’s Day at home. Netflix Canada, February 14.

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The Breaker Upperers
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The Breaker Upperers

You’ll like it if you like: Bridesmaids, Happy-Go-Lucky and Thelma & Louise

It’s never easy to tell your significant other you want to see other people. It’s harder still to call off your wedding. Enter New Zealanders Mel (Madeleine Sami) and Jen (Jackie van Beek), two best friends who run an agency that’ll help you put an end to your romance for a reasonable price. When one of them begins to feel remorse for their line of work, however, their lifelong friendship begins to unravel. The Breaker Upperers is the perfect introduction to Kiwi comedy. Netflix Canada, February 15.

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Lorena Bobbitt
Photo: Amazon Prime Video


You’ll like it if you like: O.J.: Made in America, Amanda Knox and The Staircase

On June 23, 1993, Lorena Bobbitt was sexually assaulted by her husband, John. After he had gone to sleep, she grabbed a knife from the kitchen, severed John’s “member,” left the apartment in her car and threw out the appendage. Needless to say, the case gained instant notoriety. Aided by revealing courtroom footage and new interviews with the former couple, Lorena examines the international fallout from the case and questions commonly-held views on domestic violence. Amazon Prime Video, February 15.

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The Umbrella Academy
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The Umbrella Academy: Season One

You’ll like it if you like: X-Men, The Incredibles and Watchmen

Ellen Page stars in this adaptation of the acclaimed comic series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá. On the same day in 1989, 43 infants are inexplicably born to women who showed no signs of pregnancy the day before. The seven surviving babies begin exhibiting superhuman powers, and are adopted by a mysterious billionaire. When the patriarch dies under suspicious circumstances years later, his “children” band together to solve his death—and save the world from certain ruin. Netflix Canada, February 15.

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
Photo: Crave

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Season Six

You’ll like it if you like: The Daily Show and The Colbert Report

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver continues its hilarious—and often eye-opening—satire of mass media, world leaders and multinational corporations with an all-new season. Trying to make sense of current events? The award-winning late-night talk show is as detail-oriented and reliable as a major newspaper of record—and a million times funnier. Crave, February 17.

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Chef's Table
Photo: Netflix Canada

Chef’s Table: Volume Six

You’ll like it if you like: The Layover, The Mind of a Chef and Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Chef’s Table, the popular Netflix documentary series that highlights innovative culinary figures from around the world, returns with a new all-star lineup. In Volume Six, we’re invited to the kitchens of renowned Italian butcher Dario Cecchini, Indian restaurateur Asma Khan, Southern cooking pioneer Sean Brock, and Mashama Bailey, a Savannah, Georgia-based chef specializing in African cuisine. In a word? Mouthwatering. Netflix Canada, February 22.

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