The Royal Family Loves This Dinner Dish

To impress Her Majesty and every member of the royal family, a dish has to be pretty special.

Diana, Princess of Wales, left, and Britain's Queen Elizabeth II smile to well-wishers outside Clarence House in LondonPhoto: Martin Cleaver/Shutterstock

The Royal Family’s Favourite Dish

What do Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana have in common with Ronald Reagan? Chef Enrico Delfingher has made them all a dish he calls Queen Victoria Risotto!

He first invented the dish and served it to President Reagan during Cold War talks. Then, when Chef Delfingher was a chef for the royal family from 1987 to 1990, he perfected the recipe for his creamy Queen Victoria Risotto.

The Queen Victoria Risotto is made with Sicilian red shrimp, good Parmesan cheese, bright green herbs and a splash of sparkling wine. (Here are five ways to pair wine and cheese with ease.)

The family preferred creamy risotto for a reason—Queen Elizabeth II does not eat pasta. But risotto is a wonderful stand-in for those craving carbs when dining with Her Majesty.

The dish was served “at important state events at Buckingham Palace and the White House,” Chef Delfingher tells Country Living UK.

How to Prepare a Royal Risotto

The full recipe is top secret, but you should be able to create a good copycat at home. Just start with our take on the hearty chicken and wild mushroom risotto!

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