Most Trusted Canadians – 2011 Trust Poll Results

Who’s up? Who’s down? Our 2011 survey of the people, professions and institutions that Canadians trust the most

Most Trusted Canadians - 2011 Trust Poll Results

Genuine. Easygoing. Intelligent. These are the words most often mentioned when respondents talked about their top picks for the country’s Most Trusted Canadian. While broad, these qualities have helped our candidates win Olympic medals, raise awareness about our planet’s fragility and tell stories that matter to Canadians. Two are skaters. A few are politicians. One makes smartphones. Powerhouse environmentalist David Suzuki took top spot for the third year in a row, while reno king Mike Holmes placed second again. But some surprises, such as Rick Mercer’s boost in popularity, suggest that a sense of humour doesn’t go unnoticed.

Here’s the list of the Top 25 Most Trusted Canadians:
1. David Suzuki
2. Mike Holmes
3. Sheila Fraser
4. Michael J. Fox
5. Lloyd Robertson
6. Stephen Lewis
7. Peter Mansbridge
8. Rick Mercer
9. Stephen Harper
10. Lt.-Gen. Roméo Dallaire (ret’d)
11 . Wayne Gretzky
12. Gen. Rick Hillier (ret’d)
13. Michaëlle Jean
14. Clara Hughes
15. Adrienne Clarkson
16. David Johnston
17. Jack Layton
18. Joannie Rochette
19. Mark Carney
20. Dawna Friesen
21 . Margaret Atwood
22. Jim Balsillie
23. Michael Ignatieff
24. Elizabeth May
25. Lisa LaFlamme

Here’s the list of the Top 20 Jobs and Professions:
1. Firefighters
2. Paramedics
3. Pharmacists
4. Nurses
5. Airline pilots
6. Doctors
7. Teachers
8. Armed Forces
9. Dentists
10. Veterinarians
11 . Police
12. Judges
13. Locksmiths
14. Accountants
15. Daycare workers
16. Public-transit drivers
17. Electricians
18. TV News Anchors
19. Psychologists/counsellors
20. Plumbers

And who received the Editor’s Choice Award as the Most Trusted Canadian? That would be Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of Canada.

This is an excerpt from the article originally titled “The Leap of Trust,” in the May 2011 issue of Reader’s Digest. Subscribe today and never miss an issue!

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