You Can Now Buy LEGO at IKEA—Take a Sneak Peek at the New Collection!

IKEA’s brilliant new Bygglek storage boxes serve double-duty as LEGO baseplates.

The designers at IKEA are renowned for problem-solving. Between flat-packed furniture and space-saving storage units, the entire brand is built on finding common sense solutions to modern-day dilemmas. Their latest innovation, however, is poised to eliminate one of the most pernicious household hazards known to parents and grandparents the world over: Stray LEGO bricks.

The new Bygglek storage boxes, created in collaboration with designers at LEGO, are specifically designed to corral those colourful interlinking blocks that tend to lay scattered across playroom floors in wait for an adult’s unsuspecting foot. In keeping with IKEA’s innovative approach, the storage collection serves double-duty as LEGO itself, with box lids becoming LEGO baseplates—a ready-made foundation for your little ones’ latest creations.

IKEA LEGO Bygglek CollectionPhoto: IKEA Canada

Available online and at IKEA stores across Canada beginning October 1, 2020, the Bygglek collection will consist of four different storage box sizes, as well as a 200-piece LEGO brick set (including two LEGO character figures, of course!), exclusive to IKEA.

IKEA LEGO Bygglek Collection LEGO brick setPhoto: IKEA Canada
Bygglek 201-piece LEGO brick set, $25, IKEA Canada

The boxes in the Bygglek series are fashioned from the same durable plastic as LEGO products, making for a seamless integration. “I still have my LEGO bricks from the ’70s. You never throw them away,” explains IKEA designer Andreas Fredriksson. “You keep them or pass them on to the next generation. It is important that Bygglek has the same quality and the same feel.”

IKEA LEGO Bygglek boxes with lids, set of three, $16, IKEA CanadaPhoto: IKEA Canada
Bygglek boxes with lids (set of three), $16, IKEA Canada

Will the collection make it more likely that kids will keep their LEGO construction sites tidy? It’s possible, says Rasmus Buch Løgstrup, designer at the LEGO Group, but that’s not necessarily his biggest concern. “When it is time for play, it should be okay to make a mess. Kids don’t see it as mess, they see a creative environment. But it is also a human need to organize.”

IKEA LEGO Bygglek collection rocket ship constructionPhoto: IKEA Canada

Unlike some LEGO building sets that come with step-by-step instructions to create a predetermined structure, the assorted bricks in Bygglek are designed with free-form play in mind. “The box itself can be a house, a swimming pool, a sports arena,” explains Løgstrup. “There is no right or wrong.”

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