The One Food the Royal Family Can’t Eat While Travelling

Yes, Queen Elizabeth included!

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Here’s how the royal family avoids food poisoning

Picture this: It’s been a long few months at work, and now it’s time to finally take a vacation. You decide to eat a delicious dinner at a restaurant to celebrate your first night out to celebrate. But afterward, you somehow find yourself getting incredibly ill from something you ate. It’s the saddest story that no one ever wants to tell, which is why the royal family tends to stay away from seafood while travelling. (Find out what it takes to travel like a Prince or Princess.)

Although seafood is delicious, there tends to be a higher chance for food poisoning or sickness from seafood. Since the royal family is lined up for thousands of engagements throughout the year, it only makes sense that they would want to stay their healthiest for those public appearances. Seafood, particularly shellfish, will certainly increase the chances for food sickness. (These facts about seafood will change how you eat fish forever.)

According to an article published by BBC, the royal family also avoids foods that could create “gastronomic indisposition.” Along with avoiding shellfish, they try to stay away from rare meat, foreign water, and any food that is too exotic or spicy. However, this hasn’t stopped Queen Elizabeth II from trying something adventurous every now and then. But no matter what the Queen eats, anyone dining with her must remember never to call her by her name!

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