Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Fragrances for Every Type of Dad

These unique fragrances are guaranteed to put a smile on dad’s face this Father’s Day—and every other day of the year.

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Father's Day Gift Guide - Bleu de Chanel
Photo: Chanel

For the Dapper Dad

Your dad is charming, confident and charismatic—not to mention always impeccably groomed. The catch? A dad this debonair is nearly impossible to buy for—unless you manage to track down a gift that matches his degree of sophistication, of course. Enter Bleu de Chanel—a versatile, refined and distinctive cologne that makes the perfect Father’s Day gift. It starts off with fresh, sweet citrus notes, which develop into a sensual amber dry-down. A word of warning: If dad’s uncomfortable getting compliments from total strangers, this one is definitely not for him.

Chanel Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum Spray, $102, Hudson’s Bay.

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Father's Day Gift Guide - Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male In the Navy
Photo: Jean Paul Gaultier

For the Nautical Dad

Some dads are simply drawn to water. These are the men you’ll find happiest behind the wheel of a boat, doing laps in the pool, or sitting dockside with a fishing pole in hand. For these dads, your best bet this Father’s Day is a family of fragrances called “aquatics.” Aquatic colognes are usually a combo of crisp florals enhanced with marine notes for a fresh, clean scent. The latest from Jean Paul Gaultier fits the bill handsomely—an aquatic that puts a salty twist on fresh peppermint, with a base note that’s warm and comforting. It’s an incredibly refreshing scent that delivers the essence of the high seas in every spritz.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male In The Navy, 125 mL, $110, Hudson’s Bay.

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Father's Day Gift Guide - Jo Malone Bronze Wood & Leather
Photo: Jo Malone

For the Weekend Warrior Dad

If your dad is the type to trade in his sedan for a vintage Harley on the weekends, a rich leather fragrance is guaranteed to please. Jo Malone’s Bronze Wood and Leather cologne is what you might get if you boiled down a well-worn leather jacket into liquid fragrance form. Infused with a medley of smoky warm woods and brightened with juniper and fresh grapefruit, this sultry leather scent will quickly become his new go-to cologne.

Jo Malone Bronze Wood & Leather Cologne Intense, $240, Jo Malone.

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Father's Day Gift Guide - Bastide Verveine du Sud
Photo: Bastide

For the Dad Who Appreciates Life’s Simple Pleasures

If dad’s idea of the perfect day involves giving his green thumb a workout in the garden or perfecting his slow cooker chili recipe, it’s high time he was introduced to Bastide. At the forefront of the “clean grooming” movement, the French lifestyle brand has a back-to-basics philosophy, including a commitment to all-natural ingredients—a relative rarity in the fragrance market. Of particular interest this Father’s Day is Bastide’s Verveine du Sud Eau de Toilette: an unusual unisex scent that combines warm elements of amber, white musk and blond wood with (not-overly-fruity) Italian lemon and grapefruit. The kicker is a refreshing combo of mint and peppermint. It’s the next best thing to a stroll through the fields of Aix-en-Provence.

Bastide Verveine du Sud Eau de Toilette, 100 mL, $165, Holt Renfrew.

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Father's Day gift guide - Dolce & Gabbana Italian Zest Light Blue
Photo: Dolce & Gabbana

For the Fitness Fanatic Dad

If dad kicks off each day with a serious sweat session in the gym, a citrus fragrance makes a foolproof Father’s Day gift. Citrus scents tend to be clean, fresh, fun and energetic; in other words, the perfect complement to an active lifestyle. Dolce & Gabbana tick each of those boxes—and more—with Light Blue Italian Zest, a tangy scent that’s a summery twist on their phenomenally popular Light Blue cologne. Just like the orange peel garnish over the rim of a expertly-mixed negroni, this aromatic cologne has notes of fresh bergamot, grapefruit and mandarin with rosemary and pepper for brightness and balance.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Italian Zest Pour Homme, $88, Sephora.

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Father's Day Gift Guide - Gucci Guilty
Photo: Gucci

For the Quirky Creative Dad

Is your dad truly one-of-a-kind? The type of guy who proudly marches to the beat of his own drum—particularly when it’s backed by a new wave jam (on vinyl, of course)? Celebrate his uniqueness with a scent that doesn’t conform. Gucci Guilty breaks away from traditional male and female fragrance ingredients with very contemporary pairings—think smooth orange blossom and French lavender with bold patchouli and rich cedarwood. It’s uncompromisingly edgy and original—just like your (young-at-heart) old man.

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme, 50 mL, $87, Sephora.

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Father's Day Gift Guide - Paco Rabanne One Million Pac-Man Limited Edition
Photo: Paco Rabanne

For the OG Gamer Dad

If your dad was a video game pioneer back in the day, he’s sure to have fond memories of Pac-Man. You remember Pac-Man—the two-dimensional smiley face who only moved at right angles and devoured everything in his path? Well, the ’80s arcade legend lives on in the form of a collector’s edition bottle of Paco Rabanne’s One Million, hitting fragrance counters just in time for Father’s Day. Although the eye-catching bottle is new, the iconic fragrance, with its notes of leather, blood orange and amber, remains unchanged. It’s warm and spicy in the best way, and will make a welcome addition to dad’s daily grooming regimen.

Paco Rabanne Pac-Man One Million Collector’s Edition, 100 mL, $108, Hudson’s Bay.

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Father's Day Gift Guide - Prada L'Homme Water Splash
Photo: Prada

For the Well-Travelled Dad

There’s something decidedly exotic about woody scents, and the cedarwood and sandalwood base of Prada’s new limited edition Water Splash certainly evoke far-flung destinations. Another fragrance that’s launching just in time for Father’s Day, this scent is ideally suited for the sophisticated dad who feels just as at-home on the other side of the world as he does in his own digs. Alongside his toothbrush, it’s destined to become an essential item in his checked luggage.

Prada L’Homme WaterSplash, 150 mL, $110, Hudson’s Bay.

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