The Ultimate Guide to Canadian Hockey Slang

New to the good old hockey game? Here's how to *not* sound like a hoser.

Around this time of year, one thing begins to enter the minds of Canadians across the country: Hockey. To help us all keep up-to-date with the hockey chatter—and decode those watercooler conversations—the experts at language learning app Babbel have created a guide to all the Canadian hockey slang you’ll need to survive the season.

Canadian Hockey Slang 101

Barn Burner
This is the kind of hockey game you dream about: one that’s packed with action, fast paced and high scoring.

Slang for the goalie’s mask, or a helmet with a cage protecting the face. Not to be confused with “Fish Bowls” which have a clear face mask.

The puck. It goes into the basket (the goal).

When a player puts his stick between another player’s legs and twists.

Teeth, usually used to describe the lack thereof.

Trash talk thrown at opponents (including players, the team bench or the referees) throughout a hockey game. Players will “chirp” others to try and throw off their opponent’s concentration.

Refers to a player with slick puck-manoeuvring skills.

Drop the mitts/drop the gloves
The act of throwing off your gloves (or mitts) to get into a fight.

Dump and Chase
A tactic where players dump the puck into the opposition zone and then attack on a forecheck.

When a player is afraid to block a shot and lifts one leg up like a flamingo in order to avoid getting hit with the puck.

A chaotic situation during or after a game.

Gordie Howe Hat Trick
When a player registers a goal, an assist and a fight all in one game.

Short form for “heavyweight,” used to describe a player who is an enforcer on a team or a designated fighter. Variations of this term include “Meathead” or “Cementhead.”

Essentially, a loser. Originally referring to someone who syphons gasoline out of farm equipment with a hose. This common Canadian slang term also derives from a time when the losing team had to hose off the ice to make it smooth again for the next game.

A player that loves to do all the dirty work in the corners. Although your average plumber might not be the most skilled player, they definitely work hard.

A player who moves slowly on the ice, and can be easily skated around.

A terrible goalie who lets many goals through.

When a player kicks the legs out from behind an opponent. (A very dirty tactic.)

Scoring a goal between the goalie’s legs.

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