You Won’t Believe the Weird Things These People Found After the Snow Melted!

From unique to funny to downright gross, here are some of the weirdest things found outside after the snow melted.

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A Unique Four Leaf Clover

Not all surprises left behind after the snow melts are pleasant, but one person found this unique and “lucky” item. “Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, I found this four leaf clover minus the chlorophyll in my driveway after some snow melted,” says Reddit user u/cvr24. Check out these fascinating St. Patrick’s Day facts most people don’t know.

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A Lost Children’s Book

It looks like someone dropped a book outside before the first snowfall. This Reddit user was excited to find Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go! waiting outside her door one day. Here are more children’s books every adult needs to read again.

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A Bizarre Fish Carcass

“My dog found this carcass in our backyard once the snow melted,” says Reddit user feelingjennerous. “It’s about 5-1/2″ long with small spiky scales.”

Another Reddit user points out that the carcass is a Plecostomus—a common aquarium fish.

“Thanks,” replies feelingjennerous. “Now I need to find out who is dumping their dead fish in my yard.”

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A Funny SeaWorld Photo Keychain

“Does anyone recognize these people?” asks Reddit user steel_eel. “I found this keychain in my lawn after the snow melted. There are a bunch of keys attached also.” The photo shows a group of people on a ride at SeaWorld. The best part about this discovery is that the original poster received a free sandwich from a local store because two people who worked there said their dopplegängers were in the photo found in the snow melt!

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An Artistic Leaf Skeleton

“Found a leaf skeleton in the parking lot at work after the winter snows melted,” says Reddit user mav49. One Reddit user replied that it looked like they found the wing of fairy. See, there are magical things to be found when the snow melts.

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A Working iPhone

“Four months ago I lost my iPhone in the snow and today I found it,” says Reddit user KennKenney.

“Wow, I have no idea what you were doing with the phone but 4 months in the snow seems to have fixed it right up!” says another Reddit user.

“Yeah snow works so much better than AppleCare,” jokes KennKenney.

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A Dog’s Sock Stash

“Now that the snow is melting I’ve finally figured out where all my socks have gone,” says Reddit user livelaughshart. The golden retriever looks pretty proud of his icy stash!

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via saddestgirl1995/Reddit

A Sea of Cigarettes

When people litter in the winter, the snow buries their trash, allowing them to forget about their unkind behaviour. But Reddit user saddestgirl1995 points out that when the snow melts, the damage remains!

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A Suggestive Sign

This bizarre sign was discovered by Reddit user SunBee301 when the snow melted. “Honestly. I didn’t even want to touch it to see the other side, but I just had to take the picture.”

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via areid060/Reddit

Coyote Scraps

Yuck! Reddit user areid060 found quite the sight in the snow melt during a walk. “Coyote scraps left on my street, revealed after the snow melted away.” Maybe areid060 should find a new place to walk.

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