How to Install a Backup Alarm in Your Car

Prevent accidents by replacing your car’s backup bulbs with alarm bulbs to alert folks that you’re reversing. It’s a quick, easy do-it-yourself job, and allows for safer reversing.

 How to Install a Backup Alarm in Your Car Photo:

We’re not telling you to install a backup alarm, throw your vehicle into reverse and “damn the torpedoes.” But a backup alarm can help avoid accidents by alerting others that you’re about to back up. Backup alarms come in two styles: as a replacement bulb for your existing backup lights and as a freestanding alarm to mount under your vehicle.

The bulb alarm isn’t as loud as a freestanding alarm because the bulb sits inside your light assembly. Choose from two bulb styles: The Hopkins No. 20100VA (about $20) replaces a No. 1156 bulb; the No. 20101VA (about $20) replaces a No. 3156 bulb. If you want a freestanding alarm, try the Wolo BA-52 (about $10). Want to sound like a garbage truck? Buy the heavy-duty, extra-loud BA-107 (about $24) for 107 dB of beep-beep.

Install a Beeper Bulb:
Remove the backup light socket and snap in the beeper bulb. Wipe off any fingerprints before you reinstall the socket.

Required Tools and Materials for This Project
Have the necessary tools and materials for this DIY project lined up before you start – you’ll save time and frustration.
• 4-in-1 screwdriver
• Alarm bulb

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