Strengthening Winter Wellness: Combat cold and flu symptoms with herbal remedies    

St. Francis Herb Farm’s range of natural products can be your go-to solution for preventing and alleviating cold and flu symptoms.

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The harsh winter weather brings with it the cozy allure of indoor activities, that unfortunately also create the ideal setting for colds and flu to spread. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the frosty temperatures that cause the sniffles, but spending time in spaces with doors and windows shut, enabling respiratory illnesses to pass more easily from person to person. Plus, kids are getting exposed to a variety of germs and viruses at school and bringing them home! But with the right remedies, families can support their immunity through the winter season.

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For over 35 years, Canadian company St. Francis Herb Farm has been researching, sourcing and growing organic herbs, extracting their health-promoting and healing properties to create natural medicine. Their herbal products have the power to help reduce the occurrence of, and ease cold and flu symptoms—and they’re 100 percent natural.

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From daily immune support to cough relief, St. Francis Herb Farm’s line of kid-safe herbal medicines has a formula that caters to every need, and yes, they have adult formulas too!

Before Sickness Sets In:

Deep Immune® Kids is a mild-tasting children’s version of St. Francis Herb Farm’s award-winning Deep Immune® Original formula. This tincture helps support a healthy immune system to protect against common viral infections, colds and the flu.  It’s formulated using two powerful, adaptogenic herbs— astragalus (helps maintain a healthy immune system) and codonopsis (helps relieve symptoms of stress such as mental fatigue). Kids can take it daily—before any cold and flu symptoms even begin—to support their immune system and ward off illness.  The adult version is available in both a liquid formula and convenient capsule.

Chronic Cough Control:

Ease child’s coughs naturally with Elderberry Cough Syrup Kids. This syrup is formulated just for kids and features elderberry, a traditional herbal remedy rich in flavonoid compounds that helps relieve coughs, soothe sore throats, ease lung irritation, and clear mucus buildup in the upper respiratory tract. Sweetened with a touch of honey and formulated with wild cherry bark, this great tasting formula will help your kids breathe easy.

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When You Can’t Shake a Cold or Flu:

Lessen the severity of your little one’s cold or flu and shorten its duration with St. Francis Herb Farm’s Echinacea Plus Kids. This product is formulated with anise, which is similar in flavour to fennel and licorice for a kid-friendly taste. Have a child who prefers a sweeter taste? Try Echinacea Plus Kids with Elderberry. Similar to the original version, it fights against common viruses, colds and the flu—but this version is alcohol-free and contains elderberry juice, giving it a sweeter taste.

To Stay Healthy Year-Round:

While we need vitamin D year-round, we tend to need it a little more during the dark and gloomy days of winter. St. Francis Herb Farm’s Vitamin D3 Kids is an easy-to-use and highly absorbable liquid drop format to help maintain healthy bones and teeth. It’s formulated with superstar ingredients like coconut oil and rosemary extract, which enhance absorption for the whole family.

For even more products for kids (and adults!) that can help soothe other cold and flu symptoms and even ease anxious feelings, visit

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