Travel Buddies

Nothing beats going on a trip with your best buddy. But you two might not see eye-to-eye on every decision during your adventure. Here’s some things to keep in mind and help make the journey go smoothly.

Your bags are packed, currency’s exchanged and you’re heading on that long-awaited holiday. You’ve spent hours agonizing over what to bring, but, if you’re among the 43% of Canadians who travel in pairs, it’s who you bring that could make or break your trip. Diane Redfern, founder of the website Connecting Solo Travel Network, offers these tips to help you pick a travel companion, and ensure you’re still buddies upon your return.

Do a Dress Rehearsal

Before heading off on a 3-month tour of Asia, squeeze in a weekend getaway with your prospective travel buddy. You can learn a lot in two days.

Know Thyself, Know thy Travel Partner

Does it take you 2½ hours to get ready each morning? Do you like to be tucked in bed at 7:30 p.m.? Discuss habits and quirks early on.

Money Talks

You were expecting a suite at The Ritz, but your travel partner booked two cots at the YMCA. To avoid disappointment, discuss budget expectations before you hit the road.

Schedule “me time.”

Few people get along 24/7, so set aside some time to do your own thing occasionally.

Go with the flow.

Travelling is an adventure! Try to see the upside when things don’t go as planned, and focus on your travel buddy’s qualities instead of their downfalls. “People with a sense of humour come up winners,” says Redfern.

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