Tips for Happy, Healthy Travel

Vacations are supposed to calm you down, but it’s easy to get sick and stressed amid all the hubbub of traveling. Don’t let this happen to you! Read these articles for information on staying healthy and safe on the go, getting along with your travel partner, avoiding air travel illness, beating jet lag, and much more.


Have a Healthy Holiday

All too often, we spend our vacations loafing around and eating too much, only to return home fatter, fatigued, and with nothing memorable to recall. Make your holiday one to remember-and a healthy one to boot-with this guide.


20 Tips for Safe Holiday Travel

From medical emergencies to muggings to traffic accidents, travel is rife with safety concerns. Protect your family by preparing ahead and using common sense.


Arrive Relaxed and Safe

Driving long distances is a considerable source of stress, but by using alternative transportation, slowing down, and checking your road rage, you can turn travel into a pleasure.


Travel Buddies

Who you travel with is almost as important as where you travel. Keep the lines of communication open with your travel buddy, and you two should get along splendidly-without driving each other insane.


10 Air Travel Health Tips

From germs to blood clots to cabin pressure, an airplane is a hotbed of potential health problems. Learn how to stay comfortable and well: boost your immune system, dress appropriately, skip the booze, and more.


Side-Step Sick Airplane Syndrome

Heard of “sick building syndrome”? It also afflicts airplanes, and the volatile organic compunds in a plane’s ventilation system can make you ill. Fight back with these tips.


Reset Your Body’s Clock

Jet lag is brutal. It stops you from fully enjoying your travel time, disrupts your natural sleeping patterns, and can go on for days. Luckily, there are some great solutions.


4 Ways to Stay Active Away From Home

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you get to give up your fitness regimen. Keep active by making prior arrangements, exercising during travel breaks, and incorporating fitness into your travel plans.


8 Tips for Flying with Diabetes

Having diabetes can make air travel a hassle, but it’s possible to make things easier by packing your own food, moving around, and staying hydrated.

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