Skiing in Quebec? Here are 20 French Phrases You Should Know

Planning on hitting the slopes in Quebec this season? Whether you’re a seasoned ski bum or strictly interested in the après, these 20 French phrases will comes in handy.

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These French phrases will come in handy when skiing in Quebec
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French phrases you might need on the slopes

Whether you’re heading to Tremblant or Mont Blanc (above), the experts at language learning app, Babbel, have got you covered. We asked them put together a roundup of essential French phrases, enabling you to be a pro both on and off Quebec’s world-renowned ski slopes.

What’s the easiest way down?
Quelle est la piste la plus facile?

Where is the nearest restaurant?
Où est le restaurant le plus proche?

My friend needs a doctor
Mon ami a besoin d’un docteur.

I’ve missed the last lift. How do I get home?
J’ai manqué le dernier télésiège. Comment je fais pour rentrer?

I can’t slow down.
Je n’arrive pas à ralentir.

Au secours!

Watch out!

I need a doctor.
J’ai besoin d’un médecin.

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French phrases for the ski lift, Mont Tremblant, Quebec
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French phrases you might need on the ski lift

An integral part of any skiing holiday in Quebec is the time you spend on the ski lift—or at least queuing for it. Here are a few key French phrases to help you get by—especially if you find yourself frustrated with the wait.

Stop standing on my skis.
Vous êtes sur mes skis.

I was here before you.
J’étais ici avant vous.

Now it’s my turn.
C’est à mon tour maintenant.

Don’t push!
Ne poussez pas!

Don’t overtake me!
Ne me dépassez pas!

Could we please get the safety bar down?
Est-ce qu’on peut descendre la barre de sécurité?

What’s up?
Et sinon, ça va?

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Essential French phrases for apres ski
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At the après ski

For novice and advanced skiers alike, the après ski is often the highlight of the trip. To kick back with a drink and brag about your skills, you’ll need these key French phrases.

What’s the best bar in town?
Quel est le meilleur bar en ville?

Where are my skis?
Où sont mes skis?

Where is the bar?
Où est le bar?

A beer please!
Une bière s’il vous plaît!

I spent my entire afternoon on black slopes.
J’ai passé toute la journée sur des pistes difficiles.

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