Five Easy Getaways

Gotta get away, but don’t have much time? Here are a few simple ideas to help you refresh and recharge.

Portside, please. Three-day weekend cruises, being offered on both coasts, sure beat dinner-and-a-movie.

GPS-friendly. Grab a protractor and a map, draw a 100-kilometre radius around your town, then pick somewhere nearby but new to explore.

Arriba! Arriba!
“Travel” thousands of miles by attending a local cultural or ethnic festival.

Brain break
Unwind by doing something completely unrelated to work: devour a mystery, garden with gusto, try a new recipe, unpack a puzzle.

Spa-a-a-ah. Getaways at local resorts are making a splash. Or, if you’re a city slicker, book a bucolic B&B. Country mice, on the other hand, might enjoy a night in the city.

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