Eco-Escapes for Lovers

Going on a green adventure is a great way to spend quality time with your lover. Best of all, it can be done on ay budget. Check out these ideas to figure out the getaway that’s right for you.

Exotic eco-tours.

Countries like Belize and Tanzania offer beautiful eco-tours that boost the local economy. Ensure tour operators are legit by investigating social and environmental policies. Ecoholic author Adria Vasil writes, “A group that discusses conservation and ecosystem education is more likely to be an ecotour company, rather than a[n]…adventure or nature tour company.”  Eco-tours include photo safaris, rainforest expeditions and aboriginal-led hikes.

Wilderness retreats. 

Proprietors of the Aurum Lodge in Alberta say there isn’t a general definition of eco-travel; all tourism impacts the environment. However, eco-tourism attempts to minimize impact. This lodge promotes sustainable tourism through wildlife observation, mine tours, fishing, and more. Exploring nature will strengthen your relationship with both your partner and the environment.

Canadian eco-spas.

Pamper yourself with couples massage, mineral mud baths, and guided meditation – with a pedicure or Pilates on the side. Balance and well-being is the focus of luxury spas; it’s only natural for these qualities to permeate the physical environment as well. A luxury spa combined with a wilderness retreat or rainforest guesthouse gives you and your partner the best of both worlds.

Home exchanges.

Temporarily trading your house makes a smaller impact than traditional travel; thus, some call it ethical tourism. According to HomeLink, “Home exchange stimulates local economic growth because a home exchange visitor is living as a local, buying local produce and patronizing local restaurants.” You’ll save money, learn cultural nuances and avoid resource-draining hotels.

Local eco-escapes.

When a home exchange or eco-travel isn’t an option, explore your own surroundings with an adventurer’s spirit. Pack a romantic picnic and eat on a blanket in a local botanical garden, beach or park. Visit an exotic community such as Chinatown or Little India. Go tobogganing, skating or snowshoeing – or find a lover’s lane or inspiration point and smooch the hours away.

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