9 Tips for Travelling with Toddlers

Taking your young ones with you on holiday might sound a bit challenging, but with a bit of planning the experience can be a lot smoother than you think.

9 Tips for Travelling with Toddlers

If the thought of taking your toddler on holiday fills you with dread, think again. With careful preparation, it can be a rewarding experience, says Sarah Tucker, author of Have Toddler Will Travel.

Here are nine tips to keep in mind when taking your toddlers with you on vacation.

  1. Avoid environments that are too hot, too cold or too wet. The ideal temperature for a toddler is tepid. Playing on the beach is still toddlers’ favourite holiday activity.
  2. If possible, avoid the crowded school holidays.
  3. Young children get bored during car journeys. Fill the day before with activity so they’re more tired.
  4. Or go by train-toddlers’ favourite type of transport.
  5. If flying, choose a departure time that allows normal sleep patterns to be maintained.
  6. Don’t count on an airline to feed toddlers to their taste. Pack a lunch.
  7. Before booking into a hotel or resort, check to see what their definition of “toddler” is. Most kids’ clubs are for ages three or four.
  8. Toddlers can be fussy about changing the place they sleep-take bedding or a pillow. And bring a favourite cuddly toy.
  9. Consider going with another family so you can share childcare.

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