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12 Travel Instagrammers Worth Following

Love all things travel? You’ll want to start following these 12 photographers on Instagram stat. Their captivating shots will give you a newfound appreciation for the world we live in – and may just awaken some wanderlust in you.

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A travel photographer, writer and owner of Vagabundo Magazine, it’s no surprise that Brendan van Son’s snaps will make you want to pack up and fly somewhere tomorrow. Nearly 10,000 Instagram followers travel the world with him through the amazing landscape, detail, and everyday life shots. An adventurous traveler, van Son also documents his journeys on his travelogue, taking readers along with him on his adventures. This photog’s Instagram feed will give you an interesting glimpse of some of the world’s most gorgeous places – like this scene, shot in Southern Mongolia – and will probably make you desperate to visit them yourself.

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There’s a reason why this photographer has over 255,000 followers. Hiroaki Fukuda’s photos can only be described as awe-inspiring. Fukuda’s strengths lie in storytelling and capturing incredible moments in time. Some photos showcase incredible landscapes while others give an extraordinary look into every day life. Either way, there is no disputing Fukuda’s talent after swiping through his inimitable snapshots.

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New York City-based travel photographer Kirsten Alana is one of Instagram’s most popular follows at the moment, with over 53,000 fans already subscribed to her feed. Alana posts some amazing shots of her travels around the world, and most images come with a detailed description of the places she’s visiting and shooting. You’ll feel as though you’re living the travel experience with each blog-worthy caption and extraordinary image, like the one pictured here of Antelope Canyon in Arizona, impressively shot with her iPhone.

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Theodore Kaye is a professional photographer whose stunning images have been published in some of the world’s most well-known publications, including the New York Times. Though his work can be viewed in a professional setting, his Instagram snaps are just as impressive. Taking a glimpse through Kaye’s feed will give you a unique insight into life of people living in Central and Southern Asia, as well as Greater China. Kaye has a unique knack for snapping photos of people in their everyday lives and giving his nearly 20,000 followers a chance to experience a variety of cultures. Here, Kaye captures a Buddhist from India’s far east being ceremonially changed into monk’s clothing in Bodhgaya, Bihar, India, where Buddha is believed to have gained enlightenment.

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If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a pilot, Adam Senatori’s Instagram feed just might be the thing to push you into flight school. This aerial photographer from Madison, Wisconsin has flown over 6,200 hours throughout his career, which has afforded him the opportunity to snap some impressive images of the world. His Instagram account is a series of captivating shots that give your average Joe the chance to see the world through a pilot’s eyes. If you thought the world was an ordinary place, Senatori’s photos, like this one of Avalanche Lake at Glacier National Park in Montana, will definitely make you think again.

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Dave and Deb, the duo behind theplanetd are nothing short of adorable. This married couple lives to travel and loves to share their amazing photos with their 16,000 followers – and counting – on Instagram. Hailing from Toronto, they travel the globe and bring their unique and captivating viewpoints to the rest of us in photos. Their Instagram feed will instantly show you that this world is more remarkable than we sometimes give it credit for.

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Portland, Oregon’s Michael J. Spear is one traveling photographer that every aspiring shutterbug should follow, as his over 51,000 followers can attest. Spear’s Instagram feed showcases some of the most beautiful and serene landscapes the United States have to offer, including some seriously powerful photos of Alaska. Disclaimer: Spear’s snaps may inspire an impromptu trip to the U.S.’s northernmost state, where you’ll be able to view some of the hidden gems he’s photographed for yourself.

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Jordan Herschel is a must-follow, especially if you’re looking for an original view of iconic landmarks. You’ve no doubt seen the Golden Gate Bridge before, but probably never quite as Herschel presents it. Based in Northern California and Nevada, this 20-something photographer gives his 186,000 Instagram followers a different view of the sunny state, which has a reputation for being nothing but beaches and bikinis. Herschel refers to himself as an “outdoor enthusiast” and after browsing some of his impressive shots, you may want to become one, too.

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Cole Rise is not far from hitting one million followers on Instagram and that comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with his work. Rise’s photos will take you to some of the most popular spots in the Unites States and present them in a way no textbook or Wikipedia page ever could.

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The adventure shots Zak Shelhamer posts for his 156,000+ followers will probably make your last vacation look somewhat tame, but they just might inspire you to plan a more action-packed trip the next time around. Selfies while riding a motorcycle through the California hills, underwater wildlife shots, skateboarding, surfing, diving, and the occasional sitting-on-a-mountain-peak shot all make Shelhamer’s Instagram account an exciting one to follow. From these unique perspectives, he has the ability to take a truly exceptional photo that gives his followers a one-of-a-kind view of some amazing spots.

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Based in Vancouver, B.C., photographer Scott Rankin shares his stunning images of Canada through the lens of not only a photographer but an adventure traveler, too. Rankin’s photos take his 107,000+ followers all over the country, to some of the most majestic and peaceful places Canada has to offer. He seems to have a knack for capturing the most surreal and calming stills. His snaps may help you find an even deeper appreciation for Canada’s beauty than ever before.

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Photo: Courtesy of Brendan van Son


The two Vancouver natives who joined forces on Our Wild Abandon have a pretty awesome story to tell. Jillian Mann and Kyla Trethewey did what so many of us only dream of doing: They “sold everything and hit the road.” They share some spectacular images of their adventurous travels with over 81,000 Instagram followers. They’ve road tripped around the United States, met countless new people, taken in beautiful sights, and shared it all with the world online.

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