Finned, Furred and Feathered: 5 Unusual Pets Across Canada

Dogs don’t have a monopoly on the title of “Man’s Best Friend.” From wild birds that aren’t very wild to exotic creepy-crawlies (arachnophobes, beware!), here are five unusual pets snapped by Our Canada readers.

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Close-up of tame bird in owner's hand
Photo: Kirsten Clark

When winged wildlife isn’t very… Wild

Kirsten Clark of Vermilion, Alta., writes: “In 2013, I had the opportunity to visit Nunavut with the Canadian Wildlife Federation as part of their Summer Institute. In Kimmiruit, I met a local boy with a unique pet: his very own tame bird!”

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Chilean rose hair tarantula, one of Canada's unusual pets
Photo: Christine McCutcheon

Chilean rose hair tarantula

Hailing from the deserts of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile, these invertebrate arachnids have a leg span of up to five inches. Christine McCutcheon of Sundridge, Ont., adopted her Chilean rose hair tarantula—named Ophelia Rose—from a local animal rescue.

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Colourful Panther Chameleon against black background
Photo: Jen St. Louis

Panther chameleon

Jen St. Louis of Elmira, Ont., owns three Panther chameleons and two geckos, but Norbert (pictured here) is by far the cutest and most colourful of the bunch.

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Bearded dragon in aquarium
Photo: Alexandra Fontaine

Bearded dragon

Bowser the bearded dragon belongs to the son of Alexandra Fontaine, who snapped this gorgeous photo. Quite handsome, don’t you think?

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Cute orphaned racoon
Photo: Maria Naismith

Baby raccoon

Maria Naismith of Young, Sask., is growing something special in the garden this summer—this orphaned raccoon infant!

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