This Father-Daughter Duo Went to Tanzania on a Dental Mission

A father-daughter duo enjoy quality time together and provide dental assistance to locals in need.

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Johannes and Melinda in Tanzania
Courtesy: Sally Snethlage

We have the joy of having three amazing kids and my husband Johannes agreed to take each one on an adventure of their choice. Our youngest daughter Melinda, a nurse, wanted to combine her excursion with a mission trip to help others—as well as have a joint adventure with her dad.

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Johannes with African tribe
Courtesy: Sally Snethlage

It was decided that they would go to the island of Zanzibar, Tanzania in Africa to assist in a dental mission trip. The team came from a variety of areas, including Ottawa and Cambridge, Ont., and together brought with them an array of skills and talents, not to mention enthusiasm! While they were there, they helped many local people with their dental and health needs.

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Johannes and Melinda with their guide
Courtesy: Sally Snethlage

Melinda took their vitals and provided instruction on good health habits, while Johannes helped in a non-medical way—sanitizing the instruments and making sure that everything worked and ran smoothly. Without him, things would have likely fallen apart.

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Johannes and Melinda on Mt. Kilimanjaro
Courtesy: Sally Snethlage

Since they were already in Tanzania, they thought that going to the mainland for the adventure portion of the trip was a great idea. They went on a few safaris and then climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, where they brought their copy of Our Canada to the top.

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