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Our Travels: Lake Manicouagan, Quebec

Seana Moorhead of Chatsworth, Ont., headed out to the famous Lake Manicouagan with two friends for a wonderful kayak camping trip. Read her story in the September issue of More of Our Canada.

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Lake Reflections

Cloud reflection and Kim in her kayak, Lake Manicouagan, Que.

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Test packing: Everything that has to fit in the kayaks (minus the dogs)…

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Launch Site

At the launching site with all the gear to fit into the kayaks

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Kim, trolling for fish (picture credit to Mary Gaudette)

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Sunset on final evening at Lake Manicouagan ( photo credit to Mary Gaudette)

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 Island campsite, east side of Lake Manicouagan

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Caribou tracks into water  (photo credit to Mary Gaudette)

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On the Water

 Mary and Kim, Lake Manicouagan

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Caribou (photo credit to Mary Gaudette)

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Night Light

Moonrise over screen tent

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Merganser with chicks in flight (photo credit to Mary Gaudette)

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Nature’s Beauty

Sunset on Lake Manicouagan (picture credit to Mary Gaudette)

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Wolf Tracks

Wolf tracks and moose tracks in the sand (picture credit to Mary Gaudette)