This Mother and Daughter Took Cute Identical Photos—29 Years Apart

The giant Pysanka egg in Vegreville, Alberta, holds special significance for Monica Clemens and her family.

Vegreville Pysanka in Vegreville, Alberta
Courtesy Monica Clemens

A Family Trip to the Vegreville Pysanka

In 2018, I travelled from Sydney, Australia, to visit my family in Canada. My dad is originally from Devon, Alberta, and it had been 14 years since I had last visited Canada.

Along with me for the trip was my husband Glenn, our five-month-old daughter Lucy, my dad Max and my brother, Gareth. This was Lucy’s first overseas holiday! We visited my grandpa, which was wonderful, and we stayed for a great family reunion in Nevis, Alberta. We also took a trip out to Vegreville with my Auntie Elaine (also of Devon) with the intention of seeing the famous Pysanka.

Monica with the Vegreville Pysanka in 1989
Courtesy Monica Clemens

Monica with the Pysanka in 1989

The Pysanka has a special significance to my family, not only because of my grandma’s proud Ukrainian heritage, but also because this is a place I visited during my first trip to Canada in 1989! During our most recent trip, we made sure to recreate a funny old photo from 1989, showing me being raised in the air with the Pysanka in the background.

Her daughter Lucy in 2018
Courtesy Monica Clemens

Lucy with the Pysanka in 2018

This time, Lucy got to do the honours with the Pysanka hovering above her head! It was a wonderful visit and I felt so happy to be able to share this experience with my family as we traced back the footsteps we left in Canada almost 30 years ago.

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