Labour of Love: Fantastic Photography of Hardworking Canadians

On land or sea, these hardworking Canadians take the utmost pride in what they do.

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Man welding in his garage
Photo: Justine Coulter

Let the Sparks Fly!

Justine Coulter of Harrow, Ont., shares this electrifying pic, writing, “This is one of my favourite photos of my husband, Ryan, as he’s hard at work grinding down welds on engine mounts for his 1971 Oldsmobile.”

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Tractor on a farm
Photo: Arlene Berezowski

Salt of the Earth

Arlene Berezowski of Calgary writes, “I captured this photo on our family farm near the town of Athabasca, Alta. It was a dry day and the dust seemed to shroud everything as the field was being cultivated. The tractor is being driven by a neighbour, Fred Lachance, who has been a farmer all his life. This photo epitomizes the countless hours that farmers spend alone in their fields, getting the job done!”

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Senior man repairing car wheels
Photo: Kelsea Cotnam

Dedication and Inspiration

Kelsea Cotnam of Thorold, Ont., says, “This is my grandfather Mike Keniry, who has run his own service station for 54 years here in Thorold. At 79, he still works 11-hour days. He is such a hard worker, as well as being a trusted mechanic and business person in our community. He loves his work and is a true example for all of us to follow.”

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18-wheel truck
Photo: Leeann Lebrun

Truckin’ Along

Leeann Lebrun of Wasaga Beach, Ont., snapped this great pic in London, Ont., of the truck she drives for Ontario Potato Distribution Inc. “I think this image shows the beauty, strength, hard work and dedication that Canadians are known for,” shares Leeann.

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Working in garage
Photo: Cathy Gauthier

Trading Spaces

Cathy Gauthier of Magnetawan, Ont., writes, “I think it’s a very Canadian thing to have a workshop in your garage instead of parking your car or truck in there! This is my husband David sharpening a lawn mower blade.”

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Two fishermen with catch of the day
Photo: Aiden Mahoney

Bounty of the Sea

Aiden Mahoney of Stephenville, N.L., captured this wonderful shot of two brothers, George (left) and Willie Long, from St. Teresa, N.L., landing a fine catch of herring, which is used to bait their lobster traps.”

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