A Halloween to Remember For the Residents of this B.C. Seniors’ Home

Evenings tend to be very quiet at B.C.’s Abbeyfield House for seniors. This Halloween proved to be the exception!

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Halloween at the seniors' home
Photo: Anne Jarvis

93 Years Young

This was a Halloween that nobody ever dreamed would happen here at Abbeyfield House for seniors. Since the residents are aging, the evenings are usually very quiet after dinner when everyone returns to their apartments for the night. There is one senior by the name of George Roberts, however, who at 93 years young, decided it was time to put some spunk back into the place.

George is a very dear friend of mine who I help with everyday care and also take out for car rides. He loves to dress up, especially on Halloween and Canada Day. George has a wonderful sense of humour, so last year, he decided to create an unusual costume to wear out to dinner with me for Halloween. When he walked down the hallway towards the kitchen area with his dress, plastic pearl necklace and fiery red hair on, all the other residents were almost falling off their chairs with laughter! Some of the other seniors had on fancy hats and clothing for the occasion, but it was clear that George took the cake.

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Halloween at the seniors' home - a trip to the barber
Photo: Anne Jarvis

An Impromptu Trip to the Barber

After the shock wore off and people settled down to eat, out came the question, “Are you going trick-or-treating, George?”

“Why not? That sounds like fun,” he replied.

Excited, we left the seniors home only to find that most of the houses had stairs he needed to climb up. This deterred George immensely since he used a walker and he did not want to work for his treat!

As the evening wore on, we came across a barber shop just finishing up with their last clients for the evening. At that point, George decided that his own hair was unmanageable and wondered if maybe the barber, Gary Anderson (above), could help. This is definitely one Halloween that will go down in history at Abbeyfield House!

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