Watermelon, Mint, Red Onion and Labna Salad

This Greek-style salad combines a variety of anti-oxidants from the melon, onion, mint and olive oil, with high-protein and delicious labna.

Cîroc Summertime Lemonade

Enjoy this Cîroc® Vodka cocktail in a Collins glass before heading out for a night on the town!

Watermelon Champagne Sangria

Take your dinner party to the next level with this colourful watermelon and champagne sangria. The vibrant citrus and wine...

Cleansing Watermelon Ginger Celery Shooters

Treat any hangover with this naturally-hydrating and refreshing shot. Watermelon helps hydrate tired bodies and the cleansing effects of ginger...

Graham Elliot’s Watermelon and Jalapeño Ice Pops

Use this delicious recipe as a jumping-off point to make other colourful ice pops. What about cucumber and mint? Tomato...