apple-cider vinegar

Nona’s Breakfast Cocktail

"Why not do some detoxing while you're re-toxing? Perfect for brunch, this gin-based cocktail has not one, but two secret ingredients: apple cider vinegar and marmalade—but you could use any jam or jelly in your fridge." - Chris Jacks

Chef Jon Pong’s Treviso Salad

Between the maple mustard vinaigrette and slow roasted carrots, this treviso salad from Chef Jon Pong of Toronto's

Chuck Hughes’ Tomato Pie with Herb Salad

This savoury pie recipe from Canadian celebrity chef Chuck Hughes combines fresh tomatoes, basil and sweet onions in a delicate...

Apple and Cheddar Salad with Maple Dressing and Candied Walnuts

All the flavours of fall in one delicious salad.

Cleansing Watermelon Ginger Celery Shooters

Treat any hangover with this naturally-hydrating and refreshing shot. Watermelon helps hydrate tired bodies and the cleansing effects of ginger...