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5 Things to Stop a Headache

The moment you feel that telltale pounding in your head, don’t give in to the pain. One of these seven tips can head off your headache before it ruins your day.

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Press Pressure Points

There are two pressure points known to relieve headache pain. One is on your forehead. Press a thumb between your eyes while pressing down on your hairline with your first two fingers. The other pressure point is at the base of the web of flesh where the bones of your thumb and forefinger meet. Press hard with your opposite thumb.

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Use Your Nose

Whiffs of peppermint can alleviate tension headaches. Some research, however, suggests that aromatherapy may only be useful if you like that particular smell. If you despise the odor of peppermint, try sniffing a green apple, another scent that has also had some success.

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Step Away

Go for a brisk walk. Mild exercise improves circulation, which counters the constriction of blood vessels that is a common precursor to headaches.

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Put Your Mind to Work

Close your eyes and imagine your pain as an object-a burning sun, perhaps-then picture it shrinking into the distance, or douse it with water, until it disappears. This technique, called visualization, takes practice but has been proven effective.

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Just Breathe

Learning how to relax can help combat tension, a common migraine trigger. Breathe slowly and deeply, with your eyes closed, concentrating on nothing but your breath.