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5 Things To Prevent Foot Odour

You have more that 250,000 sweat glands on your feet which pump out as much as one cup of sweat a day! When the temperature rises, the last thing you want to think about is how stinky your feet are. Avoid the embarrassment with these five tips.

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1. Give Your Feet The Underarm Treatment

Wash your feet daily with warm water and an antibacterial soap, and use the same antiperspirant on your feet as you do on your underarms. Spray or roll it on your feet before putting on your shoes.


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2. Turn Up The Heat

If you’re prone to athlete’s foot or nail fungus, blow-dry your feet with a hair dryer that’s turned on the lowest setting. This can help to avoid infection and reduces moisture.


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3. Soak and Scent

Try a black tea foot bath by boiling two tea bags in two cups of water for 15 minutes. Remove the bags and dilute the tea with two quarts of water and let it cool, then soak your feet for 30 minutes. Repeat daily. The tannic acid in strong black tea kills bacteria and closes pores to help your feet sweat less.


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4. Dress Well For A Better Smell

Alternate between at least two pairs of shoes, once you’ve worn one pair, set them aside and let them air out for at least 24 hours or try wearing shoes that allow your feet to breathe, such as sandals or shoes with open-mesh sides.


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5. Treat Your Shoes Well


If you can toss them in the washing machine, do it once a month to keep them fresh and store your shoes somewhere ventilated and bright, rather than in a dark closet where bacteria thrive.


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