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5 Things to Know About Your iPhone

It was unimaginable 20 years ago that one device could combine a phone, computer, answering machine and about a dozen other gadgets in one handheld cell phone. Here are five surprising capabilities that you may not know about your iPhone.

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It Can Help You Hang Your Pictures

Built-in motion sensors mean that the iPhone can be a level. Find the level app in the iHandy section of iTunes.

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It Can Start Your Car’s Ignition

There’s no reason to venture outside on a cold morning to start your car. With the Viper Smart App, you can remotely start your engine. Some electronic components need to be connected to your car’s system, and then the app allows you to also unlock the car and track it, too.

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It Can Tuck You In

With apps such as Sleep Cycle and White Noise, your iPhone can help you sleep better. These apps synch to your body’s natural rhythms and analyze your specific sleeping patterns to rouse you at the optimal moment.

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It Can Solve Complex Problem

Siri is connected to a system called Wolfram Alpha, which is a dynamic computational database of algorithms and problem-solving strategies. So whether it’s a story problem from a math book or trying to figure out how long it takes cheese to melt, your iPhone can figure it out.

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It Can Take Quick Photos

With the camera shortcut button on the lower right-hand corner of the phone, you can take pics without having to double-clicking the home button to unlock the phone. Also, the + volume button on headphones can be set as a camera trigger.