5 Clever Uses for Wrapping Paper You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Don't toss those leftover scraps of wrapping paper in the recycling bin just yet! Here are five simple ways to repurpose gift wrap around the house.

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New uses for wrapping paper
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New Uses for Wrapping Paper: Make Decorative Stuffing

Sending Christmas goodies through the mail? Make your packaging extra-festive and try using old and leftover shredded Christmas wrapping paper for package stuffing. The paper will help keep your gifts safe and secure, and add a Yuletide touch to your mail.

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New Uses for Wrapping Paper: Make Christmas Ornaments
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New Uses for Wrapping Paper: Make Christmas Ornaments

Spice up your Christmas tree and combine clear Christmas ornaments with long, thin strands of wrapping paper. Simply remove the cap from the ball (make sure the opening is wide enough), and slide in your strand of paper (roughly 8-inches long by 1/8 inch length), so that it coils inside the ball.

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Christmas drinks and cookies
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New Uses for Wrapping Paper: Line a Drinks Tray

Serve your holiday guests (or Santa) in style, by lining your drinks tray with a piece of festive wrapping paper. Try mixing and matching different patterns and sizes of paper to get the right festive look.

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Christmas cards
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New Uses for Wrapping Paper: Make Gift Cards

Whether you need a small gift tag or a full-sized gift card, creating handmade cards with spare wrapping paper is a heartfelt gesture that could save you money. Simply buy some card stock, glue and decorative pens and glitter, and combine them with your leftover wrapping paper. Add a little creativity and patience, and your personalized Christmas cards should put any store-bought cards to shame.

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Christmas-themed books
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New Uses for Wrapping Paper: Make Festive Bookmarks

Got a bookworm on your gift list? Try making them a customized bookmark. Simply combine cardstock and leftover wrapping paper, and you’ll have a cheap stocking stuffer any reader will enjoy.

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