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5 Things To Do with Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract comes in handy in the kitchen, but it has many uses around the house, too. Here are a few of our favourite ways to put vanilla extract to work!

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Use Vanilla Extract to Freshen Up the Fridge

Having trouble getting rid of that bad odour in your refrigerator, even after you’ve given the surfaces a thorough scrup? Wipe down the inside of the fridge with vanilla extract. To prolong the fresh vanilla scent, soak a cotton ball or a piece of sponge with vanilla extract and leave it in the refrigerator.

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Use Vanilla Extract to Deodorize Your Microwave

Is the odour of fish (or some other strong smell) lingering in your microwave? Simply pour a little vanilla extract in a bowl and microwave on high for one minute.

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Use Vanilla Extract to Neutralize the Smell of Fresh Paint

If you’d rather not have the unpleasant smell of fresh paint in your house, mix 1 tablespoon vanilla extract into the paint can when you open it. The house will smell delicious!

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Use Vanilla Extract as Perfume

Many people find the scent of vanilla to be very relaxing. To take advantage of its calming effect through the day, just put a dab of vanilla extract on each wrist. (Even if it doesn’t work as aromatherapy, you’ll still smell delicious.)

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Use Vanilla Extract to Relieve Minor Burns

Yee-oow! You accidentally grabbed a hot pot or got splattered with grease in the kitchen. Grab the vanilla extract for quick pain relief. The evaporation of the alcohol in the vanilla extract cools the burn.

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