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5 Things To Do with Squeeze Bottles

Don’t throw your old soap and other squeeze bottles in the recycling bin. Recycle them around the house instead, by using them to baste meat, clean hard-to-reach corners, keep your cooking oils tidy, and more. Don’t forget the clean out the squeeze bottle thoroughly before reusing it.

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1. Stop Cooking-Oil Drips

Tired of cleaning up the oil spills around your kitchen? Fill a cleaned, recycled squeeze bottle with olive oil or another favourite cooking oil. It’s a lot easier to handle than a jar or bottle and you can pour precisely the right amount of oil over your salads or into your frying pan without having to worry about drips or spills.

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2. Substitute for a Baster

If you can’t find your kitchen baster, or one that’s in good working condition, a cleaned squeeze bottle makes a great substitute. Simply squeeze out some air first and use it to suck up the fat from your roasts and soups. You can even effectively use it to distribute marinades and drippings over meat.

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3. Put the Squeeze on Condiments

Recycled squeeze bottles are great for storing condiments and other foodstuffs that are typically sold in jars-such as mayonnaise, salad dressing, jams or honey. In addition to having fewer sticky or messy jars in your refrigerator, you’ll also be lightening the load in your dishwasher by eliminating the need for knives or spoons. Make sure you give the bottles a thorough cleaning before using.

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4. Clean Out Crevices

A clean, empty squeeze bottle may be just the cleaning tool you need to get the dust out of the corners of your picture frames and other tight spaces. Use it to give a good blast of air to blow out the dirt you can’t otherwise reach.

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5. Let the Children Play

Fill up a few clean squeeze bottles with water, then give them to your kids to squirt each other with in the backyard on those hot summer days. It will keep them cool while they burn off some energy.